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Our webinar and podcast series presents topics that are important to owners of smaller creative teams. Here, experts in the creative sector share their wisdom and experience.

Audio Podcasts

How to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Presented by Peleg Top
In this podcast session, leadership and business coach Peleg Top teaches you how to magnetize your business to attract only the kind of clients you want and put you in a position to turn the wrong clients away. Listen

Speaker Panel Moderated by Andy Brenits

Presented by Andy Brenits, Emily Cohen, Tim Cox, RiCardo Crespo
Join this panel of experts to help answer your burning design questions including; hiring expertise, leadership and management advice, fostering creativity, working remotely, design certifications, and more. (Recorded at HOW 2012) Listen

Getting Unstuck Finding the FLOW in Workflow

Presented by Kelly Goto
Design research and mobile expert Kelly – helps you and your team to update your creative mindset and embrace methods for becoming "unstuck" in your approach to design solutions... Listen

Perspectives on Money and Pricing

Presented by Sarah Durham
Sarah answers your burning questions on how to price your projects, how to talk about money with confidence and more. Listen

Planning for the First Year of Freelance

Presented by Shane Pearlman
Join Shane (recorded from HOW 2012) as he shares key tips on navigating a successful freelance career... Listen

WorkFlow & Project Management Tools

Presented by Jackie Schaffer
Join Jackie Schaffer (recorded from HOW2012) as she discusses the range of tools on the market, as well as selection considerations... Listen

Money Matters

Presented by Sheila Campbell
Learn five important strategies to use when talking about money with clients. Sheila will tell you how to size up situations and use the most effective approach... Listen

Becoming a Successful Hybrid

Presented by Paul Roetzer
Join founder and CEO of PR 20/20 to learn the 10 rules for building a modern marketing agency... Listen

Creating an Abundant Creative Business

Presented by Peleg Top
Dive deep into what's missing in your business for you to achieve the abundant success you desire... Listen

Grill the Pricing Experts

Presented by Ilise Benun, Cameron Foote and Emily Ruth Cohen
Get nuts 'n bolts answers to your most burning pricing questions... Listen

Nuggets of Wisdom for Creative Shops

Presented by Darryl Salerno
This podcast is ideal for Creative professionals with a desire to improve their compensation and the value of their business... Listen

Start NOW: Your 2011 Marketing Plan

Presented by Ilise Benun
This podcast is ideal for all creative professionals, from freelancers to owners of agencies, who want to find the clients with real budget... Listen

Managing (Right) for the First Time

Presented by David C. Baker
This podcast is ideal for principals of small firms who want to begin doing a better job managing people... Listen

Best Practices Any Design Firm Should Know

Presented by Emily Ruth Cohen
Top best practices that are the foundation of truly successful design organizations. This session is very broad in topic, and provides very practical, actionable strategies that can easily be implemented... Listen

How to Create Great Attitudes

Presented by Pam Bryan
Banishing bad attitudes in the work environment is becoming more important than ever. Companies with great attitudes are more profitable, productive, and have lower staff turnover... Listen

Help! The People Here Are Driving Me Crazy!

Presented by Sheila Campbell
How Understanding Personal Communications Styles Encourages Better Work and Stronger Relationships... Listen

Video Podcasts / Previously Recorded Webinars

In-House Management Strategies

Presented by Emily Ruth Cohen
In this webinar Emily will share best practice management solutions to building, managing and nourishing an in-house corporate creative team... Watch

A Website That Works

Presented by Mark O'Brien
How Marketing Agencies Can Create Business Generating Websites: This podcast will take you through a 9-step process for planning marketing websites, with a specific focus on the ad agency website... Watch

Getting Prospects To Notice You And Say "Tell Me More"

Presented by Larry Melnick
Struggling to get prospects to notice you? Maybe you're not giving them what they want and need. This session with Larry Melnick explores what's really of most value to prospects and how to articulate it in ways that will not only get their attention but also move them to say, "tell me more"... Watch

Ask WHY not HOW

Presented by Jenn Greacen
In this 30 minute webinar, agency owner and industry veteran Jenn Greacen speaks on the importance of leading with 'WHY' by properly evaluating client goals, expected return on investment, product positioning viability and market conditions before addressing the 'HOW'... Watch

Beating the Big Guys

Presented by Blair Enns
Win Without Pitching founder and business development advisor Blair Enns discusses the differences in business development approaches between large and small firms, and explains how smaller firms can turn what's often seen as a disadvantage into business development organization... Watch

Advice to Young Creative Professionals

Presented by David C. Baker
Creative industry expert David C. Baker offers valuable advice on how young creative professionals can stand out (in the right way) to ensure a long, rewarding career... Watch

Grill The Expert! Creative industry Q+A with a panel of experts from around the globe

Presented by Deborah Dawton, Emily Ruth Cohen & Mary-Lynn Bellamy-Willms.
This webinar addressing the most challenging questions facing creative professionals on the business of design and creative service... Watch

Removing the Blocks to Creative Thinking

Presented by RaShelle S. Roberts
Creative Coach RaShelle Roberts teaches how to identify distractions and eliminate them, so your creative thinking and talents can help you develop your very best efforts - both for your clients and for your career... Watch

Partnership: Choosing the Right Person to Expand Your Design Business With

Presented by Mark Busse & Ben Garfinkel
Mark Busse and Ben Garfinkel share their perspectives and advice for design professionals considering a business partner, with many examples and references from their own personal and professional experience... Watch

Time Mastery: Take Back Your Life... One Choice at a Time

Presented by Donna Karlin
Executive Coach and author Donna Karlin talks about time, your relationship to time and what that means. Learn how, when time is used wisely, you can live a full and productive life, and rarely utter the words, "One day when I have time..." Watch

Copyright Essentials For Creatives

Presented by Shel Perkins
This webinar discusses the essentials of copyright law for design firms and their employees, independent contractors and clients. The presentations covers details of protection, duration, infringement and licensing, and shares many real-world examples... Watch

Approaching Growth Responsibly

Presented by David C. Baker
What will change when I grow? What might be better...or even worse? How will I know that it's the right time to start adding people? Who do I add first? How will I fund growth? These are a few of the questions answered in this webinar on developing your OWN strategy for growth... Watch

Proposals & Contracts: Getting to 'Yes'

Presented by Blair Enns
This webinar discusses the final steps of the business development cycle and the tools employed to elicit the commitment that turns prospects into clients... Watch

Serving Clients Well: Making the most of the Account Service Role

Presented by David C. Baker
This webinar overviews the essential things to know in serving clients well as a marketing firm... Watch

How To Win Without Pitching

Presented by Blair Enns
Business development consultant and Win Without Pitching founder Blair Enns examines the roots of the free pitching problem and all its implications... Watch

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