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FunctionFox Announces the Release of TimeFox Premier

Online Time and Project Management for Creative Professionals

Victoria, BC – March 1, 2008

As the leading provider of time and project management software for creative professionals, FunctionFox Systems is excited to announce the release of their latest product, TimeFox Premier.

Building on the success of their industry leading time and project management software TimeFox, the team at FunctionFox introduces significant new task assignment, scheduling, calendaring and timeline functionality with the release of TimeFox Premier.

FunctionFox Founder and CEO Mary-Lynn Bellamy-Willms explains, "Our goal with TimeFox Premier has been to develop useful project management and scheduling tools relevant to managing creative projects. The creative service industry has seen a shift over the last several years towards smaller shops, virtual firms, remote offices and increased use of freelance talent. With this has come an increased need for online tools for managing and reporting on projects. TimeFox Premier addresses this need."

TimeFox has long been the system of choice for thousands of professionals in advertising, design and communications.

Because all TimeFox products are web-based, existing TimeFox customers can choose to upgrade to TimeFox Premier without any installation or changes to their current system. Customers who are new to TimeFox will be able to choose between the classic version of TimeFox, or TimeFox Premier depending on their needs.

Features of TimeFox Premier include:

A helpful comparison between TimeFox and TimeFox Premier is available at www.functionfox.com/tf_comparison.

TimeFox Premier pricing, product details and a free demo are available at www.functionfox.com.

About FunctionFox

FunctionFox is the leading provider of time and project tracking software for small creative companies. TimeFox, its web-based timesheet and project management software, is the number one ranked time-tracking system in North America. Graphic design, advertising, communications, marketing, multimedia, public relations, and interactive firms all choose TimeFox as their web-based time and project management application. TimeFox is currently used by thousands of customers in Canada, the US, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

For more information please visit www.functionfox.com or contact:

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