FunctionFox 1.0

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FunctionFox Overviews

Classic [PDF]

The Classic timesheet & project tracking system used by thousands of creative professionals worldwide - perfect for smaller creative teams.


The Premier timesheet & project tracking system that includes additional task assignment & scheduling - for firms seeking more advanced project management.

In-House [PDF]

The In-House timesheet & reporting system that includes a project request form and multiple reports specific to marketing groups.

FunctionFox Training Guides

FunctionFox Setup [PDF]

See how to Setup FunctionFox quickly and easily with our simple, 6-step Setup Wizard.

FunctionFox Timesheets [PDF]

Find out how to fill out timesheets accurately. Ideal for an entry-level employee who will just be tracking time.

FunctionFox Tasks

How to add, remove and edit tasks, and change task rates. For anyone who wants a better understanding of how to make these important changes.

FunctionFox Premier (Part 1) [PDF]

Find out the difference between Classic and Premier. See how to set up Project Timelines & Schedules, and get an overview of the Project Calendar & Production Report.

FunctionFox Premier (Part 2) [PDF]

Part 2 of our in-depth look at FunctionFox Premier; when to use Actions, how to Check Availability, the To-Do List and the Project Blog.