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FunctionFox gives you a simple, intuitive, and powerful tool
to help you account for all of your time, not just some of it.

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Celebrating 20 years. Get 20/20 insight into your reative Business with FunctionFox.

Celebrating 20 years

Get 20/20 insight into your Creative Business with FunctionFox

Save 20%

Trusted by Creative Professionals

Get your time back with the proven time-tracking and project management system that has helped thousands worldwide.

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Easy Project Management

Take the frustration out of monitoring time records and managing project progress with key features designed for the way you work.

access_time Simple Time & Expense Tracking

FunctionFox online timesheets and stopwatch timers make it easy for everyone to record their time and costs. Time entries are available throughout the system right away, so you’ll always know where you stand.

attach_money Accurate Estimates & Budgets

Creating realistic budgets and estimates is simple with FunctionFox. Previous similar projects give you a solid base for planning, and our project set-up and tracking process helps you anticipate problems or budget overruns before they occur.

data_usage Powerful Reports

FunctionFox reports are incredibly powerful and endlessly flexible, providing you with up-to-the minute information about clients, projects, and personnel instantly — in as much or as little detail as you need.

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And much more...


Task Rates

Track both billable and non-billable time by tasks.
Gain Understanding.


Admin Controls

Control access to features and client or project information.
Protect Privacy.



Get automatic updates about the important information that matters to you.
Stay Up-To Date.



Use our integrated address book for all your contacts.


Custom Fields

Create custom fields for information unique to your business.
Build Insight.



Add more to your FunctionFox account with custom naming, reports, and more.
Make It Yours.


Mobile Apps

Track time with FunctionFox IPhone and Android apps.
Stay Mobile.



Collaborate with a calendar linking everyone using FunctionFox.
Keep Together.

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Our Service Promise

More than a software provider, FunctionFox is committed to being a valuable extension of your business. We are happy to discuss your business needs to determine if FunctionFox is right for you.


Quick Response

If you call or email us during our office hours, we will get back to you right away. If your call or email comes in after hours, we’ll tackle it first thing in the morning, the next business day.


Painless Transition

Our customer success team will help you transition smoothly from your previous processes, so you can make the most of FunctionFox from day one — all at no extra cost.


Free Ongoing Support

We are committed to providing personalized, real person email and phone support as long as you need it, including account setup, training, and any future questions or concerns. We are here to help.

Pricing that is simple, affordable,
and very scalable.

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per month per user
($35/m for the 1st user)
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Trusted by Creative Professionals

"I love FunctionFox. I use it every day and it has made a transformational difference in how I understand the use of my time, my perspective on profitability and the way that I report activities to my clients. "

Jim Hunt - Resource Boxe, Inc.
We Make it Easy to Work Smarter

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Get 20/20 insight into your
Creative Business with FunctionFox

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