FunctionFox Flink: Simple, Easy-to-Use File Exchange

Share documents safely and easily with colleagues and clients. Flink makes it simpler than ever to ensure that all your projects flow quickly and efficiently - while keeping everyone up to date with the latest changes.

With Flink, you will have the flexibility to access documents no matter where you are - in the next office, from home, across the city or around the world. Exchanging proofs, reviewing and approving changes, and adding comments has never been so simple and straightforward.

FunctionFox Flink
FunctionFox Flink

This FunctionFox Add-On is available for $10 a month* (for 10GB). Email us for more details, or to add Flink to your existing account.

* FunctionFox Flink (document exchange) is included with In-House for the first 10GB (anything over that amount is $10 a month for an additional 10GB). It is also available as an Add-On to Classic or Premier for $10 a month (for 10GB).

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