If two heads are better than one, just imagine the power of more than two. That’s what you get when you join forces with other creative thinkers. Working solo on projects has its rewards and is often exactly what you need to do. But it can be isolating and make it difficult — if not impossible — to bounce ideas around. They’ve got nowhere to go but back to you. You run the risk of coming up with the same old, same old, tired old ideas — again and again. The ho-hum déjà vu of creativity. Plus, let’s face it, your POV tends to be a little subjective when there’s no one else in the room but you.

Idea Sharing

Whenever you can, even if you’re a Lone Wolf, make time to play with others. Climb into the proverbial sandbox, toss ideas around, and experience the true joy of collaboration. When you work with creative thinkers in this way, you’ll see one idea spark another, and watch your concepts go from good to great. They’ll be bigger, bolder and better than you ever thought possible because your co-creators will have experiences, capabilities and convictions you didn’t even know existed.

That’s the magical, intangible, and oh-so-irresistible part. You’ll want more. Guaranteed.

Silence your Inner Critics

Playing creatively with others will not only put you in touch with your own strengths, but also with the strengths of everyone else in the room. You will realize how valuable it is to connect with others and discover a profound appreciation for the collective spirit. You’ll see for yourself how the synergy of the group is stronger than anyone working solo. It is here in the creative sandbox, trading ideas and watching the sparks fly, that you learn to work and play well with others.