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Ease of use is FunctionFox's best selling point


Atomic Crayon is a web design and consulting company that specializes in developing and re-structuring web sites for businesses. Comprised of top-notch design professionals and foosball enthusiasts, Atomic Crayon has worked on a prodigious array of websites for public, private and non-profit clientele over the past nine years. With dozens of clients in variant sizes, this growing company needed a way to track the time of multiple staff working concurrently on the same project. They also wanted to provide clients with a detailed monthly summary of the time spent on projects and improve their billing's clarity and accountability, both for themselves and their clients.

Atomic Crayon Logo Prior to finding FunctionFox, Atomic Crayon tried several other programs but they all had the same critical flaw: they didn't allow for more than one user to work on any single project at a time. When they signed up for FunctionFox, they found a program that solved this problem and provided many other valuable benefits.

"FunctionFox has solved our problem," says Dale Campbell, President of Atomic Crayon. "Multiple staff can bill simultaneously to one project, our bills are now clearer and the time we spend on projects has been simplified."

Implementing FunctionFox was "exceptionally painless", according to Campbell, who reports it took under an hour to enter over 60 clients into the system. And maintaining FunctionFox is equally easy.

"Adding new clients or new jobs takes minutes," he explains. "The benefits of this, along with FunctionFox's speed of compiling information, saves us at least 20 hours a month."

The web-based program is supremely reliable, Campbell reports, and is also extremely secure. He says FunctionFox has worked flawlessly ever since Atomic Crayon started using it five years ago.

FunctionFox has also helped increase productivity at Atomic Crayon. Work is now done based on a project's importance, not on what the client management program will allow them to do. And the Atomic Crayon team is no longer wasting time on manual entries of billing for work that's been done concurrently.

Even their clients enjoy the benefits of FunctionFox, says Campbell. "Increased transparency on our billing makes our clients happy. Happy clients equals improved profits."

A major unexpected benefit from using FunctionFox is the ability to search through previous months' timesheets instantly. This allows Atomic Crayon to very quickly see how they are doing on hours for a certain project and exactly where those hours have been spent over the course of that project.

The bottom line for Atomic Crayon is that FunctionFox strengthens their bottom line. Says Campbell, "It's highly functional, it's cost-efficient and it's easy to use. FunctionFox has been a huge benefit to our company since Day One."

Atomic Crayon can be reached for further comment at 250.721.0319 or visit their web site at

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