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Keeping a virtual company together


Drake Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) provides education design services to the Chicago area and other Midwestern clients, including several Fortune 500 companies. Their services include design and development of web-based multimedia training, instructor-led training, job aid development, and project management training. (See their web site for more info:

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DRG is a "virtual" organization. Their 60+ consultants work out of home offices or at client sites. Before FunctionFox, they tracked their time manually." Consultants invoiced us then we transferred project time into a series of Excel worksheets to keep track of project hours," said Rebecca Adler, Director, Technical Support Services. But they knew that for their project managers to keep close tabs on project time and costs, they needed to view time reporting on a frequent basis. They also knew that an electronic time-tracking system would help them provide better, more accurate quotes for future project proposals.

Finally, they wanted to offer a convenient tool for their consultants to use. Timekeeping is always a chore, yet it's necessary to provide clients with accurate task detail on invoices. FunctionFox allows consultants to track time spent on each task by using a simple drop-down list.

Drake Resource Group researched many timekeeping options via the Internet before they chose FunctionFox.

"The 'look and feel' of the product was important. As education designers, we appreciate the importance of a user interface design that is clean, crisp, and self-explanatory! The interface is so intuitive that none of our consultants had any difficulty using FunctionFox for the first time," said Rebecca Adler.

Another important factor for DRG was the quality of technical support. "Any time we called FunctionFox, we typically spoke with a live person, who was not only pleasant but knowledgeable. Any time we sent an e-mail or left a message, the response time was terrific," said Adler, "Quality customer service and support are values that are foundational to our organization, so we always seek vendors who exhibit the same commitment to customer care and product quality." DRG also appreciated the flexibility of the development team at FunctionFox. When they called to ask about a particular capability that would aid their organization, the FunctionFox team responded by enabling an additional feature that addressed their needs.

The ability for consultants to log in from a home office or a client site was another bonus. A web-based application is perfect for an organization with consultants who live and work all over the Chicago metro area. The rollout of this new system to their consultants was very smooth.

"Many of our consultants have commented on how much they like using FunctionFox," said Adler, "It saves them time when invoicing us and it provides a way to see their past time data if needed."

"FunctionFox also saves us time during the invoicing/billing cycle, and helps us keep tabs on project progress in 'real time'. This is critical to successful project management," said Louann Swedberg, Director, Partner Relationships.

"It was very easy to set up and implement. Adding new users, new projects, and new tasks is very simple. The ability to add unique tasks to a particular project is useful for our business," said Rebecca Adler.

The ability to "slice and dice" the data through flexible reporting lets DRG see project data through many different perspectives, allowing them to refine future project estimates and adjust resources.

Having historical data readily available helps this virtual organization analyze their business. Even though they have only been using FunctionFox for a short time, the value of easily accessible historical data is already apparent.

FunctionFox has made it easy for the Drake Resource Group to see project hours in "real time" and has given their project managers a tool to monitor project progress and respond quickly to potential problems. although their workforce is widely scattered, the company is more cohesive because of FunctionFox.

Drake Resource Group can be reached for further comment at 847-540-0655 or visit their web site at

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