Case Studies

I don't know how we worked without it!

FunctionFox has replaced guesswork in time tracking with accurate information that is boosting productivity and profitability for this leading elearning company.

Etraffic Solutions Inc. is an international provider of online learning applications and content for K-12 and adult learning. Originally a small family-run business, Etraffic has grown dramatically in recent years. With this growth has come the realization that loose staff time estimates were not a strong foundation for building the business.


"We needed to track time and costs accurately both for client billing and for future estimating," explains Marilyn Foreman, Finance Manager at Etraffic. "As our business moved to a project-based environment, we discovered we had specific client, project and task recording requirements."

Two staff members who had worked with FunctionFox in the past recommended this Web-based system. It was an instant fit. It takes Etraffic staff members only minutes a day to track their time, which reduces work for the Finance department. Equally important, FunctionFox has taken the guesswork out of time tracking and time estimating. This has resulted in more accurate client invoicing as well as more exact historical information for future pricing.

"FunctionFox has proven to be indispensable," Marilyn explains. "It helps determine time allocated to projects, track costs and determine areas where productivity can be improved. I don't know how we worked without it!"

Implementing FunctionFox was easy, she reports. It took two hours to provide staff with a briefing. Due to the user-friendly software, the whole team was up and running by the end of the day. FunctionFox is easy to maintain, and Etraffic employees are filling out their timesheets on a daily basis. "All of the staff seem to enjoy it," Marilyn says, "which is a feat in itself, since these are designers and programmers using the software!"

Accurate time and expense tracking has had a direct impact on productivity for Etraffic. FunctionFox allows the company to track productivity to a level of detail that they couldn't achieve in the past. Staff can now see where their time is actually spent, and management can get an overall look at staffing needs.

"Our staff likes FunctionFox because it's easy to use. Our managers like FunctionFox because it's increasing our productivity."

The best thing about FunctionFox for Etraffic? The user-friendliness and flexibility of reporting choices. Although Marilyn and her team originally expected to get a simple time-tracking system with FunctionFox, they got much more. FunctionFox analyzes areas such as staffing, project costs and the accuracy of time estimates. This allows the company to estimate jobs more accurately, use resources more efficiently and increase revenue.

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