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I’m taking home almost 50% more every month. Thanks, FunctionFox!


Mouncey Ferguson has 45 years of successful experience creating strategy-driven marketing and advertising campaigns for businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 100 multinational corporations to regional entrepreneur- driven companies. He leads a team of top marketing professionals who are passionate about creating ideas that motivate, and that can be implemented effectively and efficiently for profitable bottom-line results.

As a one-man, multi-function marketing consultancy, Ferguson’s work has helped both large and small clients build their businesses significantly. But there was one aspect of his own business that wasn’t working: his monthly billing process. “Billing for six or seven clients a month was taking me most of two days each and every month,” says Ferguson, “I had to try to reconstruct the month by trolling through emails, project proposals, ads, social media posts, meetings, photo shoots, project status reports, and more. It was difficult, time-consuming, and drearily painful. I dreaded it.”

Mouncey & Company

Then Ferguson found FunctionFox. “It wasn’t very long before FunctionFox had paid for itself many, many times over,” says Ferguson, “It speeded up my invoicing process tremendously, saving me about a day and a half of administrivia every month, and improving the accuracy of my invoices.”

Perhaps most importantly, Ferguson was able to increase his monthly compensation by almost 50%. Using FunctionFox to record his time enabled him to capture between 30 and 40 hours a month that he had previously been unable to bill because of inaccurate or missing time records. Because he was able to detail precisely what he accomplished during every hour he spent on his biggest client, Mouncey was also able to negotiate a large retainer increase. “Transparency and accountability helped me build trust with my clients in a way that was simply impossible before I started using FunctionFox,” says Ferguson, “And it has made a substantial difference to my bottom line.”

Being able to make the most of his investment in FunctionFox is important to Ferguson. “I don’t have time to pour over a user manual and try to figure out a solution if I forget how to do something,” he says, “But FunctionFox has solved that problem for me. Whenever I don’t understand something, or there’s a new feature to learn about, I can call FunctionFox and talk to the same helpful, friendly individual every time. Patrick is my guy – he helped me set things up, he knows and understands my business, and he always has time to walk me through to a solution – for me, that’s huge.”

Ferguson even likes FunctionFox’s email timesheet reminder. “I know it’s just a computerized email, but it reminds me to capture my time while what I was doing that day is still fresh in my mind – and capturing billable time means more money in my pocket at the end of the month.”

The best part? Well for Ferguson, it may be the boost to his self-esteem that comes from seeing – and demonstrating to his clients – just how much he does for them every month. “The value I bring to the table is right there for everyone to see – it gives me a real boost to see it, and it certainly helps ensure that I am adequately compensated for my work.”

Find out more about Mouncey and Company by calling 703.901.7489, or connect on Linkedin at

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