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How FunctionFox Helped PR 20/20 Dodge a Time-tracking Rabbit-hole.

PR 20/20 is an outsourced marketing team for small and midsize businesses, and an inbound marketing specialist for large enterprises. They believe in measuring value by outcomes, not outputs, and create result-producing, integrated marketing campaigns based on clients' business goals-website traffic, reach, engagement, leads, sales and customer loyalty.

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"When I founded PR 20/20 in 2005, I was looking for an accurate, reliable system for measuring employee output, that was flexible enough to use with our set, value-based pricing model," says Paul Roetzer, founder and CEO, "Because our profits rely on being efficient and productive with our time, and accurately setting project scopes."

Roetzer chose FunctionFox because he was familiar with it from work at a previous agency. The company uses FunctionFox to:

"We know other agencies where employees write down their time and submit it on a monthly or weekly basis, and we know that it leads to inaccuracies, made-up time entries, and late or missing information," says Roetzer. "I knew FunctionFox would help us dodge that rabbit hole."

Roetzer says his company prefers FunctionFox to other solutions because "it is intuitive and reliable, and easily scales as new employees and contractors are added." He has been able to easily customize it to fit his unique pricing model."

Implementing and evolving FunctionFox was extremely easy for PR 20/20. "Time tracking has simply become a part of our employees' everyday process," says Roetzer, "It is second nature to our team, and we always integrate training about FunctionFox - and the business data it gives us - into our hiring process. When employees understand how valuable their timesheet information is, they quickly get on board, even if they've never tracked their time before."

For PR 20/20, FunctionFox is essential to efficiency and profitability. It has helped them identify and remedy performance gaps, adjust their pricing-model to accurately reflect their time investment, and improve staffing accuracy and workflow management. "All these things have a direct impact on our bottom line," says Roetzer.

Roetzer also loves that FunctionFox creates an historical repository of all their time data in one central location, for use in many ways, across numerous management functions, including: ensuring clients are on pace and on budget, making workflow and hiring decisions, reviewing employee performance, and improving pricing strategy.

"FunctionFox has been an invaluable asset to our agency," says Roetzer, "With accurate time tracking, we've been able to better monitor agency efficiency and productivity, evaluate employee and account performance, and set profitable campaign and project pricing."

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