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TIVOLI PARTNERS: They Can’t Imagine Life Without FunctionFox

Loyalty Marketing Firm Tivoli Partners Can’t Imagine Life Without FunctionFox.

Tivoli Partners is a Charlotte NC advertising agency that focuses on loyalty marketing for leisure brands. Since 1998, they have filled the niche between larger agency partners and clients’ internal creative groups to strategize, design and execute loyalty marketing communications across multiple channels (email, digital, print, etc.).

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"Like law firms and other service businesses, we know that our time is our money,” says David Bell of Tivoli Partners, “But when we started Tivoli in 1998, we had all used various kinds of time-tracking services and products at other agencies, and none of them seemed to fit our needs. We decided not to use any of them, and just said ‘no’ to time-tracking.”

As time went on, however, the Tivoli team realized that they needed to get a better handle on which clients and project were most profitable, which offered potential for profitability, and which were simply a drain on the firm’s resources. “We decided to give time-tracking another chance,” says Bell. “We evaluated several other services before investing in a software program that wasn’t web-based. Unfortunately, once we started to use it, we found it clunky and time consuming – exactly what we didn’t want. We wound up shelving it and continuing our search.

Finally, over 10 years ago, Tivoli found FunctionFox. After giving it a trial run, they discovered that it provided a simple way to obtain the information they needed about client profitability. They became FunctionFox customers - although still very skeptical about the value of time-tracking programs. When they began to implement the system, Bell remembers being impressed at how quickly they were able to be up and running. He also remembers noting how simple and intuitive the user interface was, “Training was quick and easy, and because employees handle their own time tracking and reporting, it takes just a few minutes a day to keep everything up to date.

“FunctionFox made us realize that we had inefficiencies in how we used our time and how we billed.”

The company soon became converts to time-tracking with FunctionFox. Bell says there were several reasons that led them to change their opinion about time tracking. In addition to identifying profitable clients, FunctionFox proved its value by helping the company prepare estimates for new projects, highlighted inefficiencies in billing and quoting, and allowed the company to adjust resources to improve productivity and profitability. “We know there are many other features in FunctionFox that we haven’t even tried,” says Bell, “It offers tremendous value and is very easy to use. This year, we’re planning to dig deeper into the program and see what else it can do for us.”

“We’ve used FunctionFox for over a decade and it’s hard to imagine agency life without it,” says Bell. The reporting function is especially helpful when it comes to estimating future projects. We can pinpoint which clients and which project types are the most time-intensive, which helps us vector in on the most profitable use of agency time. FunctionFox pays for itself many times over!”

For more information about Tivoli Partners, visit To find out how FunctionFox can help your business succeed. Call Toll-Free 1.866.369.8463, or email

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