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KickCharge Creative: Seeing significant improvements in profitability

KickCharge Creative: Seeing significant improvements in profitability

KickCharge Creative is an award–winning advertising agency located in New Jersey. Specializing in branding, vehicle graphics, websites, digital and traditional marketing, KickCharge Creative has been setting a high standard for small business marketing for over 20 years.

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This forward-thinking agency evolves and adapts to changing markets, specifications and services, and their success stems from a deep understanding of the economic challenges that startups and small- to mid-sized businesses face every day.

"We’re plugged in, and we have our clients’ backs, says Paul Kiesche, Creative Director of KickCharge, "Our whole team has always been hyper–focused on clients’ success — so much so that we sometimes neglected our own business interests."

The company had been using a time and project management solution that team members found overly complex, disorganized, illogical and frustrating. So they just didn’t use it. "Our time-tracking was spotty at best," says Kiesche, "And once that started to slide, so did everything else — project organization, scheduling, productivity, communication with clients, communication within our own team. — and of course, profitability."

KickCharge knew they had to do something fast. "A couple of us had used FunctionFox successfully at other agencies," says Kiesche, "And we brought it over to KickCharge because we thought it would be the right tool to help solve our organizational challenges while maintaining our client focus."

To ensure a successful launch of FunctionFox, KickCharge implemented new processes and policies around time–tracking and project management. "The new processes, combined with FunctionFox’s simplicity, speed, and ease of use, meant that the switch from the previous software went remarkably smoothly. "Some of us dug right in and started to use FunctionFox without any help at all, while others were up to speed after just a little ‘basic training’," says Kiesche, "And the FunctionFox team couldn’t have been more helpful — they were always accessible and very easy to work with whenever we had a question or concern."

Because some team members had used FunctionFox before with a lot of success, expectations were high. "We knew what benefits we should be able to achieve, and once we started using it at KickCharge, we weren’t disappointed," says Kiesche, "FunctionFox turned out to be the strong, effective, and easy-to-use tool we needed to solve our organizational challenges."

With improved time management on track, KickCharge has seen significant improvements in productivity, scheduling, external and internal communication — and perhaps most importantly, in profitability. "We’re still focused on our clients’ success," says Kiesche, "But FunctionFox has helped us focus on our own success as well."

For more information about KickCharge Creative, call 1.800.836.4666, email, or visit

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