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Paper Laundry: Two Creatives Face Their Greatest Fear With Help From FunctionFox

Two creatives face their greatest fear With help from FunctionFox

Paper Laundry is a design and advertising studio focused on bringing sophisticated creative solutions and smart strategy to brand development and execution. They create unique solutions that meet the challenges, goals, and aesthetics of their clients’ brands. Their creative work is crisp and clean with friendly, engaging content and the comfortable feeling of a brand that knows who it is. As Cara Moyle, Paper Laundry President and Owner says, "We do things differently, because different stands out."

Paper Laundry President

One of the differences that has helped Paper Laundry stand out, is their focus from the very beginning on finding a time and project management system that would easily track actual time against estimates. "As we were ramping up, we knew we needed a project management system and a way to track time against estimates. We started asking other small agency friends for recommendations, and ‘Mighty’ in Mobile, Alabama recommended FunctionFox. When we found that it had so many of the features we wanted, at a price that even our start-up could afford, we were sold!"

Paper Laundry loves being organized, so staying on top of schedules is extremely important to them. FunctionFox is a real help in both organization and scheduling. Because of the system, they feel they are much further ahead than they would have been otherwise.

"While we fall on the type-A side of the spectrum," says Moyle, "we weren’t used to handling all project management and billing on our own. Our greatest fear was that we might not be able to keep everything organized. Then, one day, FunctionFox popped into our lives. Cliché though it may sound, it changed everything. Invoices were created, projects were managed, and timesheets were properly kept without the use of spreadsheets or sticky notes."

"Paper Laundry has been with us for more than three years, now," says Corina Ludwig, President and Partner of FunctionFox, "They were just starting out when we first knew them, but they were determined to understand every detail of their business."

Since then, Paper Laundry has grown to rely on many FunctionFox capabilities. "It’s been amazing," says Moyle. "Not only does it help us properly understand and estimate the amount of time we actually need to get something done, it is excellent for record-keeping and helping us validate our time during discussions with clients."

Moyle says that it took a few months for the Paper Laundry team to get the hang of FunctionFox. "There was a bit of a learning curve as we implemented the system, but we didn’t really find it difficult. Like any system, it’s as good as the information you put in," she says, "We use it daily, so keeping things working isn’t a big deal at all."

Paper Laundry feels that being able to properly estimate time is the biggest benefit of FunctionFox. It helps them find out exactly how long it has taken to complete any action or task, allows them to create accurate new estimates, and helps them boost both productivity and profits painlessly.

"There’s another great part," says Moyle, "If we get stuck with something in the Fox, we have our personal customer service representative Tom (the Wolf) Woulfe to point us back in the right direction. Thanks to FunctionFox, we will never return to the land of horrible little spreadsheet squares."

For more information about Paper Laundry, call 720.220.1598, email us at, or visit

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