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FunctionFox has helped our business tremendously. It is easy to use, intuitive, and offers tremendous business insights. Try it: you'll like it!


As global experts in talent management, executive coaching, team-building, and training, the Rupert Group knows how to spot the right thing. That’s why, when the time came for them to upgrade their time tracking and project management systems, they chose FunctionFox.

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"We work with some of the best executive coaches in the business, and build teams that are dispersed across the globe," says Glenn T. Rupert, Vice President. "We needed a central location to keep details secure but allow easy access to those who need them" Before FunctionFox, the Rupert Group had learned the hard way that time tracking was vital to their success, but that too much customization could be just as cumbersome as none at all.

"At first, we had no consistent time or project management system," says Rupert, "which meant we really couldn’t understand our business very well." Next, they tried a highly customized, proprietary portal, "Which turned out to mean it was overloaded with far more capabilities than we needed," says Rupert. "While we were paying for 100% of the system’s functionality, we were only able to use about 30%. The rest we simply didn’t need. In fact, it just got in the way."

In his search for a better option, Rupert talked to his IT partner ClickCulture — a company that already uses FunctionFox. After playing with the FunctionFox demo and finding out how easy it was to configure the system, Rupert knew he’d found what he was looking for. "We’re pretty good at recognizing a good thing when we see it, and we decided very quickly to subscribe, based primarily on how FunctionFox personnel treated us from the get-go," says Rupert, "Everyone was patient, communicated well, made themselves available in off hours and worked with me to customize the system precisely to our needs. Essentially, it was the FunctionFox people that sold me on the product."

And how has it worked out? The Rupert Group couldn’t be happier. "It’s an easy, intuitive user interface," he says, "It is very simple to configure — and when I goof up, FunctionFox customer support is always there to help me resolve the issue." Rupert found initial set-up of FunctionFox surprisingly painless. "Again," he says, "It was very intuitive — it took virtually no time at all. Maybe 48 hours all told, and as we became more familiar with FunctionFox, we were able to fine tune it to meet our needs even more exactly."

A surprising benefit has been that Rupert no longer has to track people down and ‘make’ them enter their time. "They just do it because it is intuitive and easy for them — either online or through their mobile app. It makes my life so much easier."

Rupert has found other unexpected benefits, "FunctionFox has brought our dispersed company closer together," says Rupert, "The contractor coaches feel more like they are part of the team and they can see their progress with the coachees, which is very satisfying to them. Also, with FunctionFox, we can easily demonstrate ROI and the value of our time to our clients."

"There are so many things that we appreciate about FunctionFox," says Rupert, "But I think the most valuable for us is the user interface and its intuitive design, and the reporting tool that allows me to cut data in many different directions: it really gives me much greater insight into our business — quickly and easily."

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