FAQs: Data Storage

Your Data is Safe with FunctionFox.
Keeping your data safe and secure - and available only to you - is our highest priority.

We do not share, track, analyze or otherwise mess with any of your proprietary data or private information (unless you ask us to!)

Who owns the Data?

You own all your data. You can download whatever information you need, from a single timesheet entry to a complete record of all your information, any time you wish, as often as you need it; monthly, weekly or even daily.

Does FunctionFox look at or share my proprietary data?

No. FunctionFox does not view, analyze, share or otherwise access the proprietary data entered by any of its customers. Only customer service representatives and technicians are able to access customer information for the purpose of troubleshooting and maintaining your account.

Where is my Data Stored?

FunctionFox servers are located off site in a professional data storage facility that has been designed to provide the highest level of security; protection against fire, flood and earthquake; and has redundant power backup systems. Our server configuration has been designed from the start to be robust and highly scalable to accommodate rapid growth in customer use without degradation of service. It is modular in design with replacement hardware on hand just-in-case.

How often is my data backed up?

Your FunctionFox data is being backed up securely and continuously to internal and off-site storage devices.

What happens to my data when I close my FunctionFox Account?

In the event that you need to cancel your account, we give you the tools and can assist with downloading your raw data onto your computer for future reference and archival purposes. Your FunctionFox account will remain active until your monthly or annual subscription expiry date.

For additional information on licensee content, confidentiality, warranties and more, please refer to our End User License Agreement (EULA).

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