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Access Levels

Access Levels

Access Levels allow you to control which features, capabilities, and pages personnel have access to in your account.

There are four default access levels available when you open an account:

  • Admin: Admin users have access to all features within FunctionFox. Typically, only one or two Admins are needed on an account — they are the main point of contact for FunctionFox, have the authority to request account changes, and are the only ones with access to update contact and billing information for the account.
    • Note: We recommend you do not remove features from the Admin access level. See 'Creating a New Level' below for information on how to create a custom access level.
  • Level 1: Best suited for members of management or designated project managers. This level provides access to all features except for: Contact Info, Adding Personnel, and the full CEO Desktop.
  • Level 2: Suitable for senior team members. This level allows users to setup Clients, Projects, and Tasks, as well as generate several reports.
  • Level 3:A very basic access level suitable for users who only need to track their time and enter in project costs.

Creating Custom Levels:

To create a custom level:

  1. Go to Personnel > Access Levels.
  2. Click on Manage next to the access level selection.
    FunctionFox product image managing access levels
  3. Enter an access level Name
  4. Enter a level description (optional).
  5. Click Save New

Once saved, your custom access level will appear in the access level table as a column with a series of checkboxes marking off the features available to that level. Features can be added or removed from this custom level as needed (see editing features below).

Assigning Personnel to a level

You can assign personnel to an access level by:

  1. Selecting the level in the Access Level pick list
  2. In the Assign Personnel menu, select the personnel who should be assigned to this level. Changes are applied automatically, as users can only be assigned to one access level at a time, this will remove them from any previous level they were assigned to.
    FunctionFox product image selecting personnel to add to access level

Note: You can also change a user’s access level from the Personnel > Manage page. To edit the level either click on the edit pencil create or use the in-line table edit function to update the users access level.

Editing Features on Access levels

Within the Access Level table, check or un-check the features in the access level column you are wanting to add or remove features for. You can use the category filter and search fields located above the table, to make it easier to view/edit features for levels. Not sure what a feature does? Click on the link in the feature column to view a description of the functionality. Changes to access levels are applied automatically.
FunctionFox product image updating features for levels.

Viewing Personnel in a level

Not sure who is part of which access level? There are several places within the account where this can be seen:

  • Under the Assign Personnel pick list.
    FunctionFox product image Viewing personnel in access level.
  • Hovering over a feature checkbox in a level column on the Access Level table.
    FunctionFox product image table hover to view personnel
  • On the Personnel > Manage page: hover over a level on the Access Level Chart to see who is included.
    FunctionFox product image access levels on Personnel page

Deleting a Level

To delete an access level:

  1. Click on the Manage link next to the access level pick list.
  2. Click on the delete icon delete next to the level you want to delete.

Note: Only levels that have no assigned personnel can be deleted. You must first re-assign those personnel (including archived users) to a new access level.

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