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FunctionFox Availability gives you an instant snapshot into your team's capacity by comparing the scheduled work items (Actions & Meetings) against their available work hours.

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Use the Availability filters to achieve your desired view:

  • Personnel: select the personnel you wish to view in the availability table.
  • Department: choose to refine personnel shown by department groups.
  • Action Status: filter by action status (note: actions in a complete status will not show on the Availability page).
  • Start Date: choose which date you wish your availability week view to begin (default is today's date).
  • View: select how many weeks you wish to view at a time ( 1 - 4 weeks).
  • Choose to show/hide Weekends and Totals.

Using the Availability Table

Personnel: Includes a column of the Personnel set in the filter parameters. Clicking on the person's name will expand the data to show their assigned actions and meetings within the displayed time frame.

FunctionFox product image expanding table to view personnel assignments

Day Overview: shows a summation of assigned hours for each personnel in the time frame selected in the filters. Hovering over a specific day will display the overview summary for that individual's day.

FunctionFox product image day summary on hover
  • Available: represents the total hours a person is eligible to work for that specific week day. Hours can be set by going to "Set Work Hours", which can be accessed from Tips/Links > Set Work Hours or by going to Manage > Personnel.
  • Worked: represents a summation of hours tracked on the timesheet page for that individual.
  • Remaining: shows the remaining hours that individual is available to work for that specific day.
  • Scheduled: represents a summation of all the estimated action hours and meeting hours for the given day.

Day Summary: Clicking on an individual’s specific day will display a detailed breakdown of their scheduled actions and meetings.

FunctionFox product image detailed day summary for personnel

Mark as Unavailable: Double clicking on a specific day will mark that person as unavailable. The availability tool will automatically re-distrubute estimated action hours to the availables days they are assigned for. Double click again to mark them as available

FunctionFox product image showing how someone flagged as unavailable.

Current Actions: Actions span from start to due date in a continuous yellow bar and will be displayed in ascending order by start date then by action title. The number displayed on the action represents the "remaining action estimate" hours.

FunctionFox product image current actions

Overdue Actions: actions that have passed their due date will appear as a solid red bar that ends on today's date.

FunctionFox product image overdue actions

Note: The remaining estimated hours for overdue actions will be applied the the next available work day for the individual.

Meetings: are gray bars and will be displayed in ascending order by "Start Date" within the actions in expanded view. Similar to actions, meetings have a corresponding number that represents the total hours for the meeting.

FunctionFox product image meetings

Adding and Editing Items

Adding Entries: You can assign a new action or meeting by clicking on the add_box Add Action or add_box Add Meeting buttons located above the personnel column.

Editing: Actions and Meetings can be modified in the following ways:

  • Modal Edits: clicking on an action or meeting in the table enables a modal where you can make inline edits.
  • Drag/drop item: an action or meeting can be moved to another day by dragging it to any visible day (excluding dates in the past).
  • Drag start/end dates: action dates can be edited by clicking and dragging either the start or end dates of the bar.
  • Transfer Personnel with drag/drop: an action or a meeting can be reassigned to another personnel by dragging an item and dropping it above the desired personnel’s name.
    FunctionFox product image dragging and dropping edits


FOX TIP: For actions that span multiple days the total estimated hours will be evenly divided between the personnel's available days.

Displayed Available Hours

Any time that has been tracked against a specific action will be subtracted from the remaining hours for availability on that action. For example, if you have an action with an estimate of 10 hours, and you track 5 hours, the remaining 5 hours of the estimate will then be divided by the remaining days. Once an action status has been updated to completed the remaining estimated hours will no longer be applied against the personnel's availability.

Meetings are calculated differently from actions with regards to availability. When viewing the availability table, the actual time of day is used to see how far along a meeting has elapsed.

Totals for the week will be displayed on the far right in a separate column; these totals can be hidden in the filter sections. The weekly totals will fluctuate as you progress through your week.

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