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Gantt Charts

FunctionFox Gantt Charts provide an interactive, graphical view of your project schedule, including: actions, milestones, and project meetings.

FunctionFox product image Gantt Chart overview.


Use the Gantt Chart filters to achieve your desired view:

  • Client: filter by clients that have open projects.
  • Projects: select specific open projects to view under a specific Client.
  • Project Manager: filter by project managers on open projects.
  • Project Status: filter by ‘open type’ statuses.
  • Project Type: filter to show only projects of a specific project type.
    FunctionFox product image filtering projects
  • Show Actions/Milestones/Meetings: filter by item types: Actions, Milestones, or Project Meetings.
    FunctionFox product image filtering items

Gantt Chart View

Navigate the timeline view of your Gantt Chart by using the arrow icons keyboard_arrow_left keyboard_arrow_right beside the month headers or the scroll bar at the bottom of your view.

Use the zoom control (located at the top of the Client/Project listing panel) to adjust your desired Gantt Chart view.
Functionfox project image of the zoom slider functionality for the Gantt Chart view

Hover over the project name (or scheduled item) to access additional navigation options to bring into view either the start or due date of the item.

View Project Details

Expand the project timeline to view all scheduled items by clicking on the project name or expand arrow keyboard_arrow_right of the project you wish to view in detail.
FunctionFox product image showing the display of the Gantt Chart when expanding a project

Click on the Tips/Links box on the upper right-hand side of the page to access additional customizable options. You can view or hide the status of your Actions as well as time tracked against your Actions.

Editing Project Schedule (drag/drop)

Make on the fly adjustments to your project schedule with easy to use drag and drop functionality within the chart.

  • Project Start/Due Date: drag the entire project timeline to adjust your project OR drag either the start/due date ends to shorten or extend your project.
    FunctionFox product image drag and drop proejct time line
  • Actions: drag the entire action OR drag either the start/due date ends of the action to shorten or extend it.
    FunctionFox product image drag and drop actions
  • Milestone: drag the entire milestone to adjust your item.
    FunctionFox product image drag and drop Milestones
  • Meeting: drag the entire meeting to adjust the item.
    FunctionFox product image drag and drop meetings

Editing Project Schedule Items (modal)

You can also make adjustments to your schedule by clicking on any item to access the edit item modal.

  1. Click on an item under the Gantt chart graph.
  2. Make the desired changes.
  3. Click Save Edit.
    FunctionFox product image editing items

Add New Schedule Items:

Use the Add Items function to add new Actions, Milestones or Project Meetings to your projects.

  1. Click on "Add Items".
  2. Select the item type (Action, Milestone, Meeting).
  3. Enter the item details.
  4. Click Save.
    FunctionFox product image adding new items

Customize Chart View

Personalize your chart view by layering in action estimate tracked hours and/or action statuses to gain visual insight into the progress of your projects schedule. Go to Tips/Links to update your current chart view preferences.

  • Action Hours:
    • Not Tracked: action tracked vs. estimated hours will be hidden.
    • Tracked: action tracked vs. estimated hours will be displayed.
  • Action Status:
    • Colors:
      • To-do: Yellow
      • In Progress: Orange
      • Overdue: Red
      • Complete: Green
    • Display:
      • Hidden: the to-do action color will be used for all actions.
      • Bottom: will display the status as a half bar layer on the bottom of actions.
      • Bottom: will display the status as a full bar layer on actions.

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