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My Reports

Welcome to the new my reports feature. We have added some new powerful reporting tools, so you can harness your data and put it to work.

FunctionFox product image sample view of my reports dashboard.

1. Report Filters

Use the search filters to find the report you are wanting to view.

  • Search: use the search filter to locate keywords in your report name. Use the Advanced Search feature by clicking on the down arrow icon (arrow_drop_down) in the search box.
  • Categories: use the categories filter to refine your displayed reports in table by their category.
  • Showing All (favorites): filter your report listings to only reports that you have marked as favorites by clicking on the star icon (star).

2. Favorite Reports

You can mark a report that you produce frequently as one of your favorites by clicking on the star icon (star_outline). Once you have favorited a report, the star icon will have a solid fill (star).

favoriting reports helps you to sort/filter your report listings, so you always have quick access to select and run your report.

3. How to Run a Report

To run a report:

  1. Locate the report you want to run under the report listings. You can use the search filter if you are having trouble finding the report you need.
  2. Click on the report name to access report form options.
  3. Select the report parameters from the available report form options. (note: if your report doesn’t require parameters, the report will be produced automatically).
  4. Click RUN.

To reset the report to the default parameters click on the reset button.

FunctionFox product image sample view of my reports parameters.

Once you have generated a report, you can click on the run icon (insert_chart) to automatically produce the report with last saved report parameters. If no saved report exist, clicking here will take you to the report form options.

Custom Date Ranges

To select a custom date range:

  1. Select "Custom Range" in the date range field.
  2. Select your custom date range.
    FunctionFox product image sample view of my reports custom date range.

4. Report State

There is a save report column indicating the following states:

  • (person_outline) A report that you haven’t made a copy of.
  • (person) A report that you have copied.
  • (people_outline) A shared report that you haven’ yet made a copy of.
  • (people) A shared report that you have copied.
  • (people) A report that you have shared.

Note: this column is hidden by default. You can show/hide this column by going to table settings (view_column)

Save Report Options

You can access various report state options by hovering over the save icon.

  • (file_copy) Make a copy: will copy all the report parameters.
  • (insert_drive_file) Make a copy of the default: will copy the default report.
  • (insert_drive_file) Make a private copy: will make a copy of the shared report.
  • (publish) Share: will share the report parameters with other users who have access to My Reports.
  • (publish) Update dependents: will update the parameters for all shared dependents of this report.
  • (delete) Delete: will delete the copied state from your reports listing.
  • (delete) Delete this copy only. will delete the shared state for that report.

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