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Project Blog

The Project Blog is a communication tool that allows users to exchange and store project information in one central place. Keep your team updated, collaborate, add files, and notify each other of changes.

Adding Blog Posts

  1. Go to Traffic > Blog
  2. Select a Client and Project
    FunctionFox product image select client and project menus.
  3. Click on the Add Comment button.
  4. Enter your desired entry in the comment area, then click Save.
    FunctionFox product image adding a new comment modal.
  5. Should you wish to notify personnel by email of your comment, click on the mail icon mail and select the people you wish to notify (emails will be sent to the address associated with their login profile).
    FunctionFox product image choose personnel to email comment to.


FOX TIP: Looking to add formating to your comment? Use the text tools below the comment box to change font colors, style, or add an Emoji.

Uploading Files

Make the blog your central collaboration point by adding files to the blog through our Flink add-on feature.

  1. To upload a file, click on the Upload Files button next to the Add Comment button.
  2. Select your desired files, then click Upload.
    FunctionFox product image choose to upload files to the project modal.
  3. Alternately, you can also upload files directly to your blog post by clicking on the file layer of the Add Comment modal.
    FunctionFox product image using blog modal to upload images to projects.

    The links to uploaded files can then be included in your comment by clicking on the insert link icon playlist_add next to each file you ould like to include.

    FunctionFox product image insert image link into blog comment.

    Once you have added files to your comment you can toggle back to the comment layer and continue entering text to your comment or post your comment

    FunctionFox product image blog comment with link inserted.

Other Blog Features

  • Replies can be made against a comment by clicking on the Comment Button below an existing post.
    FunctionFox product image commenting against anothers post.
  • Recent Blog Entries can be accessed from the right hand panel on the Blog page. Clicking on a recent entry will navigate you to the post and highlighting it within the comment feed.
    FunctionFox product image quick access to recent blog entries.

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