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Project Calendar

The Project Calendar provides a calendar view of all project related entries like Actions, Milestones, Project Start/Due dates and Project Meetings.

FunctionFox product image view Project Calendar.

Project Calendar Events

Here is the legend of events included on the Project Calendar:

  • Action Start: displays on the date the action begins
    Action Start: Concept development
    003-Website Redesign
  • Action Due: displays on the date the action is due
    Action Due: Concept development
    003-Website Redesign
  • Action Complete: displays on the due date of the action and has been changed to complete
    Action Complete: Concept development
    003-Website Redesign
  • Project Meeting:
    Project Meeting (10:00am): Wrap up meeting
    003-Website Redesign
  • Milestone:
    Milestone: 1st Concept Due
    003-Website Redesign
  • Project Start: displays on the project start date
    Project Start: 003-Website Redesign
  • Project Due: displays on the project due date
    Project Due: 003-Website Redesign

Project Calendar Filters

Specific to the Project Calendar, use the filters to achieve your desired view. Enable the filters by clicking the filter icon (filter_list) under your calendar view options.

FunctionFox product image view Project Calendar.

Available Filter options include:

  • Clients
  • Projects
  • Project Manager
  • Project Status
  • Project Type
  • Actions Assigned To
  • Show (event types)
    • Action Complete
    • Action Due
    • Action Start
    • Meetings
    • Milestones
    • Project Due
    • Project Start

Add Project Calendar Events

To add a new event:

  1. Click on the add icon for the day in which you want to schedule a new event. This will enable the "Events Modal" where you can select the type of event to add:

    • event_available Add Action: add a new action for a project.
    • question_answer Add Meeting: schedule a meeting for a specific project.
    • assistant Add Milestone: add a project milestone.
  2. Once you have selected the event to add to the Calendar, fill in all the details of the event in the corresponding form.
  3. Click Save New

View Calender Details

Hover over an event to view more details, such as the event notes. You can also click on the (...) that appears at the bottom left corner of the day to view full details for the scheduled events on that day. To View all details of an event, click to view the details within the Events Modal.

Edit Calendar Entries

To edit an entry:

  1. Click on the event to access the event details.
  2. Make the required changes.
  3. Save Edit.

Alternatively if you only need to update the start or due date the event falls on, you can drag/drop the event to the new date. (Note: Recurring meetings can only be modified by clicking on the event to edit.)

FunctionFox My Calendar: drag and drop and event to a new date.

Delete Calendar Entries:

Calendar events can be removed from the calendar by clicking on the event and selecting delete.

Project Calendar Reports

You can quickly generate a Production or Action report for the current calendar view:

  • Calendar Reports: by clicking on the insert_chart_outlined in the calendar view options and selecting either the action or production report. This will generate the chosen report from the currently viewed month.
  • Daily Production Report: click on the teal report icon (insert_chart_outlined on the date that you wish to generate the report for.
  • Daily Action Report: click on the yellow report icon (insert_chart_outlined on the date that you wish to generate the report for.

Detail vs. Summary View

You can customize your calendar view by toggling the Detail vs. Summary view icon (view_agenda/view_headline).

Summary View: the summary view will display a one page landscape view of your calendar.

  • Grouped Items: Scheduled events are rolled up and placed into groups by their type.
  • Report Grouped Items: Scheduled events that are grouped will have a report icon, which will allow a user to produce a production report for the grouped items.

    FunctionFox product image view Project Calendar.

  • View More/Details: depending on your screen size, not all grouped events can be shown, you will see (2 more) listed beside the detailed link. Click on the (...) at the bottom left corner of the day to view a detailed listing of all the events for that day. p>FunctionFox product image view Project Calendar.

    Events can be edited by clicking on the event within the detailed pop-up to access the edit modal (Note: Drag/Drop is disabled for grouped events).

Detailed View: the detailed view will display all items in a scrollable calendar view.

  • Item Detail:
  • events will display in color coded panels — each item will list the event type, the subject line, as well as the project the event belongs to (see the above legend).

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