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Reviewing Project Details

Accessing project details in FunctionFox can be done quickly from a number of different locations. Here are a few highlighted areas we think you will find useful:

Project Info Modal

The Project Info Modal is the most flexible tool for viewing project details throughout your account and can be accessed from a number of different locations including:

  • Timesheet page: by clicking on the project label.
  • Project Status page: accessed by clicking on the project name in the table.
  • Project Calendar: accessed by clicking on the project name.
  • To-Do List: accessed by clicking on the project name in the table.


FOX TIP: See the 'Project' label highlighted beside a form field on other pages? Click on it to access the Project Info Modal.

Depending on your viewing rights (or subscription type in FunctionFox), the Project Info Modal can contain up to four layers:

  • Info: the information layer contains the main details about the project like: start/due dates, scope, project manager, project status. The majority of the fields can be edited in-line, allowing you easy access to update project details.
  • Hours: the hours layer displays a breakdown of estimated vs. actual hours that have been tracked against the project. Any overages will be displayed in Red.
  • Blog: use the blog layer to quickly add a comment to the project blog. Clicking on the mail icon allows you to also email your comment to other personnel in your account.
  • Files: use the file layer to upload any corresponding files for the project.

Project Status Page

The Project Status page allows you to view, edit, and manage all your current open and closed projects in once place.

  • Access the Project Info Modal by clicking on the project name within the table.
  • In-line Edit select fields for edit by clicking on the field you wish to update.
  • Use the powerful filters or text search to refine/find the project(s) you are looking for. You can filter projects by Client, Project Manager, Status, or Type

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