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FunctionFox is pre-loaded with a series of different reports that you can generate based on the information entered into your account. To access the reports, hover over Reports in the left menu to see the various reports available to you.

We recommend you start with the Project Report. This will allow you to see all the Time and Costs that has been tracked against one particular project within your selected parameters.

FunctionFox product image sample view of selection options for generating reports.

Producing a Report

  1. Select a Client and Project.
  2. Select your desired date range.
  3. choose to sort results by Ascending Order.
  4. Group your report by Date, Task, or Personnel
  5. Report Type can be produced in either a detail or in a summary view.
  6. You can choose to include Project Costs have Non-Billable Separate from billable hours, and choose to include Edit Entry Links for quick access for editing timesheet entries (only available when Detailed report type is selected)
  7. Options to view the report online or save and export the report to Excel (note you can export the report to excel from the online version).
  8. Click Produce Report.


FOX TIP: Having Trouble finding the report that best highlights the information you need to see? Contact our Success Team for assistance.

Viewing Reports

FunctionFox product image view of produced report.
  1. The report parameters are displayed on the top left.
  2. The report body will contain the output from the report parameters. In the case of the project report this will be timesheet entires for the specified date range.
  3. All reports can be saved as an Excel file, while some have options to be save as a PDF, PDF Landscape, HTML, or CSV file.
  4. You also have the option to print the report by clicking on the print icon print, located in the top header.
  5. You can modify the logo that appears on the reports by clicking on the settings icon and choosing the Logo tab.

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