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How to Track Time

Gain insight to your team and business’s actual performance with easy to use online timesheets accessible from anywhere in FunctionFox.

Adding Timesheets

  1. Go to Timesheets
  2. Select a Client, Project, and Task using the pick lists.
    FunctionFox product image selection menus.
  3. The Date will always default to "today’s" date when first loading the page. However, you can select a different date using the date picker or using the arrows beside "Today"
    FunctionFox product image navigating to different timesheet dates.
  4. Enter your time using either the decimal or hour and minutes inputs. If you prefer to use a timer to track you time, skip this step.
    FunctionFox product image time entry menus.
  5. Enter in a Description of the work being done. This information will be accessible in reports. This field is optional, but very help when looking back at work you have done
    FunctionFox product image Description field.
  6. Click on either "Save New" or "Save New & Start Timer" to add your timesheet.

After you click 'Save New' you will see your timesheet entry saved in the table below. If you started a timer you will see active timers appear as watch_later. Click on the timer icon to stop a running timer, or to start the timer.

Editing and Deleting Entries

  1. Edits can be made to an individual timesheet entry by clicking on the edit icon next to the entry. Once you make your edits, click'Save Edit'.
    FunctionFox product image save edit to timesheet entry.
  2. You can delete an entry by clicking on the delete icon delete beside the entry.


FOX TIP: Need to add time or forgot to stop your timer when you went on break? Use our helpful Time Calculator by clicking the word 'Time', when you need to make adjustments to you time entry.

Other Ways/Places to Track Time

Tracking time shouldn't be a hassle so we have made time tracking in FunctionFox flexible and accessible from anywhere in your account.

  • My Week: for those who prefer to work from a weekly summary view of your timesheet entries.
    FunctionFox product image tracking time in my week view.
  • My Month: use the My Month link to access your monthly calendar. Total time entered each day will appear in parentheses in the top right corner. Clicking on the clock icon schedule will open the timesheet modal.
    FunctionFox product image tracking time from My Month calendar
  • Timesheet Header: access the timesheet modal from any page by enabling the "Show Time Icon in Header" preference from My Preferences.
    FunctionFox product image tracking time from page header.

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