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Step 1: Set up Personnel

The first step in getting established in FunctionFox is to set up the rest of your team.

How to set up personnel:

  1. Go to Personnel > Manage
  2. Fill out the form details (Last Name, First Name, Username, Password, and Email).
  3. Select a department group (optional). To add your internal departments, click the Manage link beside the Department drop down menu.
    FunctionFox product image accessing reate department modal.
  4. Check off the 'Project Manager' if they should be selectable as a project manager when setting up projects.
    FunctionFox product image setting personnel as project managers


FOX TIP: Adding Project Managers in FunctionFox allows you to sort and filter projects in FunctionFox. Project Managers can also choose to receive certain email notifications regarding projects they manage.

  1. Select the 'Allow Timer' box if you want to allow your personnel to use the timer for their timesheets.
    FunctionFox product image allow personnel to use timers.
  2. Select the 'Timesheet Reminder' checkbox if you want your users to receive reminders when they do not fill out their timesheets.
    FunctionFox product image set personnel to receive timesheet reminders.
  3. Select an Access level - for more information on access levels see section below.
  4. Click 'Save New' to save your personnel.

After you click 'Save New' you will see your personnel entry saved in the table below. Once you are ready to have your personnel start accessing the account, go to Tips/Links > Notify Personnel and select which users to email login details to.

Editing Personnel

  1. Click on the Edit pencil create next to the personnel you wish to edit.
  2. Make the necessary changes to your personnel.
  3. Click 'Save Edit'


FOX TIP: Looking to make a quick edit to personnel details? Many of the tables within FunctionFox use in-line editing. Hover over the personnel table to see which fields can be updated in-line.

Deleting Personnel

When a user no longer requires access to your account, we recommend that you archive that user. This can be done be going to Tips/Links > Archive Personnel and checking the box beside the user in the archive table. This allows you to retain all their historical data while removing their login access.

Access Levels

Access levels allow control of the features and pages that users can access. Choose from one of the four default levels or customize your own:

FunctionFox product image setting personnel access levels

Admin: Access to all features and personnel data.

Level 1: Access to all features except CEO Desktop, Personnel and Contact Info

Level 2: Access to create projects and assign work. Access to reports, but monetary values hidden.

Level 3: Most limited view: intended for basic time tracking. No access to reports, project setup, or ability to view monetary values.

You can add further customization to your access levels by going to Personnel > Access Levels. Learn more about Access Level customization in our Become A Champion series.

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