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Step 6: Customization

My Preferences

Accessed by clicking on the gear icon settings in the top header, the My Preferences tab allows you to customize your personal preferences in the account.

The following are a few examples of some of the preferences you can customize:

  • Home Tabs: customize you personal homepage options and ordering by dragging and dropping your desired selections. You can choose to have up to 6 options for your homepage.
    FunctionFox product image customizing home tab order.
  • General > Default Landing Page: select which page you would like to start on when you first log in to your account (this is set to Home by default).
    FunctionFox product image choose default langing page when entering FunctionFox.
  • Timesheet > Show Timer Icon in Header: Enabling this preference allows you to track time from any page within your account by clicking on the timer icon in the top header. If you use the timer function to track time, the timer icon will appear as watch_later to indicate that there is active timer running.
  • Alerts > A new project is added: when enabled you will receive an email notification each time a new project is added in your account.
    FunctionFox product image choosing email alert preferences.


FOX TIP: Want to learn more regarding the personal customizations available? Click on help_outline in the header to access the direct help file while on the My Preferences page.

Account Preferences

Accessed by clicking on the gear icon settings in the top header, the Account Preferences tab allows you to customize the account settings for all users. (Note: These settings can only be accessed on the account if given the permissions to do so).

The following are a few examples of some of the account preferences you can customize:

  • Project Sequencing: this is where you can customize how the project code is populated on the Projects > Mange Page. You can add any optional preceding characters, update the numerical sequencing, or add any optional following characters (example 19-0001-ABC). FunctionFox product image customizing project sequencing.
  • Custom Fields: are used to capture additional information at the project level and will appear in the project setup form on Projects > Manage page. There are two available fields in our Classic and Premier subscriptions, and unlimited fields for In-House accounts.

    To create a custom field, enter in the name field and select the type of field:

    • Date Picker: for additional date type fields.
    • Input Box:additional text field allows with a max of 200 characters.
    • Pick List: a custom single select pick list (once chosen a Manage link will appear to enter pick list options)
    • Pick List Multi-Select: allows for multiple options to be chosen in a pick list.
    • Text Area: large text field allowing for a max of 4000 characters.

    You can change the order of your custom fields by dragging and dropping them to your desired position.

    FunctionFox product image changing custom field ordering.
  • Timesheet > Copy Timesheet: this allows users to copy over timesheet entries from a previous date. Once selected, you can also choose to allow time and descriptions to be copied over as well.
    FunctionFox product image copy time from another date.
  • Naming: here you can update the naming conventions within your account to best suite your companies needs.
  • Alerts > Estimate & Retainer: select the percentages from the drop-down for the desired email notification trigger. Project Managers will receive an email alert when estimates/retainers amounts reaches each set percentage. Note: users must also have the corresponding alerts enabled under My Preferences > Alerts section.
    FunctionFox product image setting estimate alerts.


FOX TIP: Need assistance with account customization or have questions? Email our Support team

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