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Step 4: Set up Projects

The Project level in FunctionFox is the secondary tier of organization within your account. If the term 'Project' doesn’t suit your name conventions, you can customize your naming preferences for your account (common examples include: Phase, Job, or Campaign).

To add new Projects:

  1. Navigate to 'Projects > Manage' in the left menu.
  2. Select the client from the drop-down menu you wish to create a project for.
    FunctionFox product image select client menu.
  3. The project code will be generated automatically, but can be overridden if required (each project code must be unique). Enter in the project name
    FunctionFox product image


FOX TIP: Need to customize your project code sequence? Learn more about Project codes here.

  1. Select a project type(optional). You can manage your project type options by clicking on the 'Manage' link next to the corresponding drop-down menu. Project types help group and filter projects when generating reports.
    FunctionFox product image select project type menu.
  2. Enter in your project details in the Scope/Description field (optional).
    FunctionFox product image enter in project scope field.
  3. Select the Project Manager for the project(optional). You can manage your list of available project managers on the Personnel page. FunctionFox product image selecting project manager
  4. Choose the date range for the project. If your project is ongoing you can choose to ignore the due date.
  5. Select a Project Status. By default your account includes two default statuses 'open' (available for time tracking and editing) and 'closed' (not available for time tracking, but visible in reports). You can manage your statues by clicking on the 'Manage' link beside the menu (Common status examples include: On Hold, Canceled, or Ready to Bill). FunctionFox product image
  6. When you have entered in all your project details click on Save New. You’ll see a pop-up in which you will choose which tasks you want to add to your project for time tracking. You can choose to add from your Common List, copy from another project, or use a project template.
    FunctionFox product image select task modal.


FOX TIP: Need to capture additional project information? You can add custom fields unique to your account by going to Account Preferences > Custom Fields. These fields can be used to capture additional dates, notes, or other data.

Editing Projects

  1. Click on the edit pencil create next to the project you wish to edit.
  2. Make you desired changes.
  3. Click Save Edit

Deleting Projects

  1. Click on the delete icon delete next to the project you wish to delete.

Note: you can only delete projects that do not contain any data, such as timesheet entries or expenses.


FOX TIP: Looking to remove completed projects from your active listing? You can archive them by going to Tips/Links > Archive Projects. Learn more about archiving Projects in our Become A Champion series.

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