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Step 2: Set up Tasks

Your Common Task List is a list of tasks and rates that are common for most of your Projects, and will be the first option made available to you when creating new Projects. Tasks are what your team will track time against on the Timesheet page.

To set up your common task list:

  1. Navigate to Projects > Tasks and ensure 'All Clients' and 'All Projects' are selected in the drop-down lists.
    FunctionFox product image creating common task list.
  2. Enter the 'Task Name' and the 'Rate' (your hourly charge-out rate) in the corresponding fields. FunctionFox product image entering in task name and rate.

    Note: To make a task non-billable you can leave the rate field blank, this will default it to $0.


FOX TIP: Don't need to track hourly fees? you can hide monetary rates on the account by clicking on settings in the header and navigating to 'Account Preferences > Other'

  1. Select one of the following options below:

    1. 'Common Task List Only' — This Task will be available to all new Projects going forward, but will not be added to existing Projects.

      Note: If you’re just getting started and have not yet set up projects, we recommend you start with this option

      FunctionFox product image applying tasks to only common list.
    2. 'Open Projects and the Common Task List' — This will apply the new task to all current open projects and will be available for all new projects going forward.

      Note: If you already have projects in your account and you wish to have the task added, we recommend this option

      FunctionFox product image applying tasks to open projects and common task list.

  2. Click 'Save New' to save your task.

Once you click 'Save New', you will notice your new tasks will appear in the common task list below.

Once you have setup your common task list, you can continue on with the next step of setup which is to setup your Clients

To learn more about managing 'Tasks' continue below.

Additional Task Customization

Editing Tasks

  1. Click on the Edit pencil create next to the Tasks you wish to edit.
  2. Make the desired changes to the rate or name.
  3. Ensure you have the desired 'Apply To' Option selected.
  4. Click 'Save Edit'


FOX TIP: If you require rate changes that are effective as of a specific date, email our support team directly with your requirements.

Making Edits to a specific Client/Project

You can make specific rate/name changes to tasks under a specific Client or Project that will only apply to that selection

  1. Select the Client and Project options for customization (You will see that the table options update to reflect your selections).
    FunctionFox product image adding tasks to a specific Client.
  2. Click on the edit pencil create next to the task that you wish to edit.
  3. Make your desired changes
    FunctionFox product image applying a custom rate to specific client/project
  4. Click 'Save Edit'

In the example above we set a custom rate for Acme Corporation: 001-Brochure for the task 'Design' be be at a rate of $120.00. This change will not affect the rate set for 'Design' on other clients/projects or your Common Task Listing.

Deleting Tasks

You can remove any task from your 'Common Task List' at any time. To do this:

  1. Ensure you have 'All Clients' and 'All Projects' selected.
  2. Find the task you wish to remove from you list, and click on the delete icon delete
  3. When you click on delete you should see the following options come up:

    1. "I would like to remove [task name] from the Common Task list that appears for all new Projects AND from all existing Projects."
    2. "I would ONLY like to remove [task name] from Common Task list that appears for new Projects."

    FunctionFox product image deleting common task dialogue box.
  4. Click on YES beside the desired delete option.

You can remove a task from only a specific Client/Project by selecting them from the drop down and following the same steps above.

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