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FunctionFox builds simple, intuitive, and powerful tools that makes time-tracking effortless, administrative process quick and painless, and workflow trouble-free.

Still using paper timesheets or Excel to track projects? Let us show you a better way.

Make time to do the work you love with the proven project management and time-tracking software designed for creative professionals.


  • Stay on top of projects and prevent scope creep.
  • Understand your business better with instant reports on clients, projects and personnel.
  • Review previous projects when you are developing new quotes for greater efficiency and accuracy.
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Timesheets and Project Management for Creative Teams

FunctionFox offers an affordable way to stay on top of essential administrative activities - one that is simple to set up, easy-to-use, and highly effective.

FunctionFox Premier

Advanced project management with the ability to assign and schedule tasks for teams looking for increased control.


  • Easily track internal and external communication and know what everyone is doing — even when you have multiple projects on the go.
  • Keep your production schedules and job progress in line with your estimates and budgets.
  • Free yourself from day-to-day administrative tasks to focus on the big ideas that drive your business.
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Keep tabs on every project from Concept to Completion

FunctionFox is an online tool for tracking time and expenses, keeping to estimate, and managing clients and projects.

FunctionFox In-House

Streamline internal processes, keep multiple projects on track, and get the recognition your team deserves.


  • Simplify processes and procedures and manage productivity effectively.
  • Helps small creative teams to communicate and receive requests from many different departments using customized request forms.
  • Improve teamwork while handling projects from concept to completion.
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With more than 100,000 users in over 100 countries, FunctionFox is the proven timesheet and project management system for creative professionals.

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