FunctionFox Premier

FunctionFox's simple yet powerful online project management & time tracking tools to keep your team and multiple projects on schedule. Whether your team is in the office or working remotely, you can easily forecast team workloads, plan & adjust project schedules, keep communications in a central location, and stay on top of deadlines.

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assignment_turned_in Task and Action Assignments

Keep traffic meetings short and sweet. With task and action assignments, you’ll know who can take on more work, who is working flat out already, and which projects need extra resources.

date_range Project Schedules and Calendars

Don’t let deadlines and due dates slip past. Our easy to use production schedules, calendars, project email alerts, and progress reports helps you keep everything on track.

FunctionFox Task Assignment
FunctionFox Availability Resource Management

assignment Resource Availability

Snowed under with incoming projects? Check your team’s availability and know whether or not your team can take on additional work, or if additional resources are required.

message Internal Communication Boards

Communication a challenge? You need our internal project blogs to keep everything in one place, and everyone on the same page — even when you’re juggling multiple jobs.

email New Project Notifications

Stay in the loop with system email alerts. Know when new projects and assignments have been assigned to you.

insert_chart Advanced Reports

Understand your business better. Our advanced reporting capabilities with flexible, comprehensive reports, interactive charts, and CEO Desktop help you easily view and analyze key data metrics.

FunctionFox Reports

Simplify your Workflow with FunctionFox


Streamline internal processes: Harness the power of FunctionFox to help align your team from concept to completion.


Centralize your conversations: Enhance communications and collaboration by keeping all project updates and notes in one place.


Transparency: FunctionFox provides clear information about workload, capacity, and availability to make planning easier.


Prioritize: FunctionFox makes it easy to set clear priorities, so your team can be more effective, efficient, and productive.

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FunctionFox Free

An introductory version of FunctionFox's Time and Project tracking for freelancers and small teams just getting started. See how you can increase billable hours and improve accountability

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FunctionFox Classic

Time and expense tracking for teams. Online timesheets improve project visibility and prevent budget overruns. Flexible, real-time reporting, and interactive charts provide you with instant clarity on where your team and projects stand.

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FunctionFox In-House

Streamline your incoming project requests by creating custom online request forms. Quickly delegate work and schedule items to your team using actions, communicate using the blog, and share documents using our Flink document exchange.

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FunctionFox is more than a software provider, we’re committed to being a valuable extension of your business at an affordable price.

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