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Still using paper timesheets or Excel to track projects? What about post-it timelines? Let us show you a better way.

FunctionFox is the proven project management and time-tracking software that is simple to setup, easy to use, and trusted by creative professionals around the world.

Customize your own personal dashboard with the FunctionFox features you use the most.

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Spend time on the stuff that really matters.

FunctionFox is powerful and very easy to use. Track all your projects accurately from concept to completion, reduce admin time, increase productivity and profits, and best of all - free up more time so you can Stay Creative.

Trusted by Creative Professionals

Get your time back with the proven time and project management system that has helped thousands worldwide.

Pattison Guardian Pfizer Flight Center Moore Teleflora

"FunctionFox has changed my life! At the click of the mouse I can get information that previously had taken hours to generate on our manual system. I so regret not having initiated FunctionFox sooner."

JoAnn Wood - WDG Communications
Who We Are

FunctionFox is a group of interesting, smart, energetic, and curious people who love to work together. Our passion is to develop fantastic software for talented creative professionals.

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