FunctionFox 2.0

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FunctionFox Overviews

FunctionFox Quick Start Guide [PDF]

Classic [PDF]

The Classic timesheet & project tracking system used by thousands of creative professionals worldwide - perfect for smaller creative teams.

Premier [PDF]

The Premier timesheet & project tracking system that includes additional task assignment & scheduling - for firms seeking more advanced project management.

In-House [PDF]

The In-House timesheet & reporting system that includes project request forms and multiple reports ideal for In-House teams.

FunctionFox Training Guides

FunctionFox: Timesheets [PDF]

From manual entries to using timers to capture time, find out how easy it is to complete your timesheets.

FunctionFox: Clients and Projects [PDF]

Setting up clients and projects in FunctionFox is a quick process.

FunctionFox: Account Preferences [PDF]

Customize how your account is setup.

FunctionFox: Access Levels [PDF]

See how to customize what information personnel have access to on the account.

FunctionFox: Tasks [PDF]

Enter in your tasks with hourly rates for your clients and projects.

FunctionFox: Project Status [PDF]

The Project Status page allows you to view, edit, and update your current projects.

FunctionFox: Project Costs [PDF]

Project Costs allows you to enter in any fixed costs that are associated with a Project (for example travel, expenses, color proofs, photographer, etc.).

FunctionFox: Estimating [PDF]

On the estimate page you are able to enter and view your anticipated hours for your projects.

FunctionFox: Reports [PDF]

With the extensive reports within FunctionFox, it is easy to create real time reports based on the information entered with you account.

FunctionFox: CEO Desktop [PDF]

The CEO Desktop in FunctionFox is an ideal location to get a quick graphically overview of the status of your open projects.

FunctionFox: Invoicing [PDF]

See how you can create invoices for your projects based on the time that has been tracked in FunctionFox.

FunctionFox: Retainers [PDF]

For those projects and clients that are based on a monthly budget, set them up under the retainer feature to be able to see where you are over/under servicing your retainers.

FunctionFox: Actions [PDF]

Action Assignment allows you to assign work to be completed by specific members of your team; these actions will appear on their respective To-Do Lists.

FunctionFox: To-Do-List [PDF]

The To-Do list makes it easier for everyday users to stay on top of their actions.

FunctionFox: Calendars [PDF]

Schedule project milestones, meetings and actions in an easy to manage calendar view.

FunctionFox: Project Blog [PDF]

The Project Blog is a communication tool that allows users to exchange and store project information in one central place.

FunctionFox: Request Form [PDF]

Allow small creative teams to communicate and receive requests from multiple departments through a single specialized request form.

FunctionFox: Flink [PDF]

Share documents safely and easily with colleagues and clients.