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Classic [PDF]

Time and expense tracking for teams. Online timesheets improve project visibility and prevent budget overruns. Flexible, real-time reporting, and interactive charts provide you with instant clarity on where your team and phases stand.

Premier [PDF]

Project management for teams looking for increased control. Premier provides clear insights about resource capacity, helps you prioritize your work, and contains detailed phase schedules to help you stay on track.

In-House [PDF]

Streamline your incoming phase requests by creating custom online request forms. Quickly delegate work and schedule items to your team using actions, communicate using the blog, and share documents using our Flink document exchange.

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Feature Training Guides

Timesheets & Time Tracking [PDF]

From manual entries to using timers to capture time, find out how easy it is to complete your timesheets.

Client and Project Management [PDF]

Setting up clients and projects in FunctionFox is a quick process.

Account Preference Settings [PDF]

Customize how your account is setup.

Access Level Setup [PDF]

See how to customize what information personnel have access to on the account.

Task Setup and Management [PDF]

Enter in your tasks with hourly rates for your clients and projects.

Project Status Management[PDF]

The Project Status page allows you to view, edit, and update your current projects.

Project Cost Entry and Management [PDF]

Project Costs allows you to enter in any fixed costs that are associated with a Project (for example travel, expenses, color proofs, photographer, etc.).

Estimate Creation [PDF]

On the estimate page you are able to enter and view your anticipated hours for your projects.

Generating Reports [PDF]

With the extensive reports within FunctionFox, it is easy to create real time reports based on the information entered with you account.

CEO Desktop Overview [PDF]

The CEO Desktop in FunctionFox is an ideal location to get a quick graphically overview of the status of your open projects.

Creating Invoices [PDF]

See how you can create invoices for your projects based on the time that has been tracked in FunctionFox.

Retainer Management [PDF]

For those projects and clients that are based on a monthly budget, set them up under the retainer feature to be able to see where you are over/under servicing your retainers.

Task and Action Assignment [PDF]

Action Assignment allows you to assign work to be completed by specific members of your team; these actions will appear on their respective To-Do Lists.

Managing To-Do-Lists [PDF]

The To-Do list makes it easier for everyday users to stay on top of their actions.

FunctionFox: Calendars [PDF]

Schedule project milestones, meetings and actions in an easy to manage calendar view.

Project Blog Communication [PDF]

The Project Blog is a communication tool that allows users to exchange and store project information in one central place.

FunctionFox: Request Forms [PDF]

Allow small creative teams to communicate and receive requests from multiple departments through a single specialized request form.

Flink: Document Exchange [PDF]

Share documents safely and easily with colleagues and clients.


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