10 Reasons Our Customers Love FunctionFox

The leading choice for creative professionals, our customers choose FunctionFox for some very good reasons including — but not limited to — ease of use, affordability, and truly unbeatable customer service.


Your business systems are critical to your success, and so are the partnerships you forge. We've made it our mission to be an extension of your business — not just a software provider. When you choose to do business with FunctionFox, you'll quickly learn why our customers say that their companies can't function without us.


You have the support of a dedicated account consultant who works with you to make sure that FunctionFox is a perfect fit for your business. Our account consultants are experienced in helping creative companies succeed and will be there to support you as your company grows. Questions or concerns? Whatever it is, we can handle it.


FunctionFox provides software as a service. You don't have to install it, support it, or upgrade it, and because we're entirely web-based, you don't have to buy any hardware. With FunctionFox, you have your own account on a professional-grade server with constant back-ups, supported by dedicated IT staff. We'll take care of all the back-end work - all you need is a web browser, and you'll be up and running in minutes.


We offer several affordable subscription options based on your needs, but complex contracts and hidden fees don't make sense to us. If things don't work out, you can cancel your FunctionFox subscription at any time. With our 30-day money-back guarantee and unlimited, personal customer support, our commitment to service is our contract.


We're constantly working behind the scenes to keep FunctionFox up to date with the latest in web-based security and technology. Updates are added to accounts at no extra cost, and any bug fixes are handled quickly by our in-house development team.


Along with a great timesheet and project management solution, you get guaranteed up-time, continuous back-ups, and high-level, secure storage in a professional data storage facility. Let our team of FunctionFox professionals focus on the software, leaving you to focus on your business.


Too often, a once functional tool gets over-developed, becoming bloated with features and capabilities that are seldom used, and soon the whole system becomes unmanageable. We keep simplicity, ease of use, and return on input in mind with every development decision we make. We know that creative professionals don't have time to mess with complicated tools, which is why FunctionFox remains intuitive, straightforward, and easy to use.


Over 100,000 creative minds log into FunctionFox every day. Our goal is to help creative companies succeed, and with over 20 years of experience behind us we've helped countless businesses from creative firms and agencies to in-house teams to independent contractors stay creative by improving their time management and resource planning, reducing admin time, and boosting profitability.


Whether you are a Mac person or a PC person, we make sure FunctionFox works for you. Our system is compatible with the latest operating systems and browsers (including Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox), so all you need is an Internet connection. Want to use your iPhone or Android device? We have a mobile site so that you can track your time and manage projects on the go.


FunctionFox recognizes the unique challenges facing creative companies. Spun from an advertising and design firm ourselves, we developed FunctionFox to meet the specific needs of creative professionals, and we continue to do so as those needs evolve. Each development decision is based on feedback from graphic designers, writers, developers, engineers, architects, and other creative minds— people who face the same challenges as you do.


The absolute best in the business, and what separates FunctionFox from the rest, our customer support is ongoing and unlimited for the life of your subscription. Whether you have a quick question, want to schedule a training session over screen-share, or have some feedback to share, we welcome it all. Send us an email or give us a call, we're here to help and happy to hear from you!

Yes, that was 11 reasons, but we can't help it! It's in our nature to exceed expectations, and that's what our customers love about us most.

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