Simple and Flexible Project Management Solutions for Your Needs.

From freelancers to larger teams, see how FunctionFox can help you

Marketing Teams

Centralize all of your campaign projects in one place. Map out your workflow schedules to keep campaigns and your team on time and on budget.

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In‑House Teams

Project intake solutions to centralize incoming project requests, with the ability to create multiple forms. Easily report on on key utilization rates and KPI’s, and improve your workflow.

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Creative Teams

Streamline project workflow, manage team resources, and reduce communication breakdowns so you can spend more time focused on the creative work you do.

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Design Teams

Keep deadlines and due dates from slipping past. Schedule and track key deliverables and communicate with your teams in a central location for all phases of your projects.

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Improve accountability and confidence when billing your clients. Build professional quotes and estimates for all your projects and start accounting for all the work you do.

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Students & Teachers

The FunctionFox student program helps students learn to be accountable for their time and to manage multiple concurrent projects. Develop key skills for success in the workplace.

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Workflow solutions to improve productivity

Team Availability

Get instant access to your teams availability and capacity to take on more work. Make better long-term decisions and stay a step ahead of your project management.

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Gantt Charts

Gain transparency of your entire timeline. Assign work, schedule important deadlines, and meetings directly and plan your project from start to finish.

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Integrated Project Request Form

Project intake solutions to centralize and streamline how you receive incoming project requests. With the ability to create multiple customized forms you can capture all the details you require the first time.

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Project Management

Keep traffic meetings short and sweet. With task and action assignments, you’ll know who can take on more work, who is working flat out already, and which projects need extra resources.

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Task Management

Powerful project management tools with integrated task tracking will help you streamline workflow, manage team resources, and reduce communication breakdowns.

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Time & Expense Tracking

Over or under serving clients? Projects overdue? Tracking your billable and non-billable time and expenses so you can get insight into your projects profitability.

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Time Tracking

Whether working solo or with a team, Online time tracking tools take the guesswork out of managing your clients and projects.

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Trusted by Creative Professionals

Get your time back with the proven time-tracking and project management system that has helped thousands worldwide.

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