Commonly Asked FunctionFox Questions

We hope these commonly asked questions - and our answers - will give you a better understanding of how FunctionFox features and processes work. We also have extensive step by step "how to guides" in our Help Center.

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Getting Started

I created a project, why can’t I see it on my timesheet?
How do I add new user to my account?
I forgot my login information. How can I retrieve it?
Can I limit what FunctionFox information my employees have access to?
How do I control what clients and projects a freelancer or employee can see?
How do I add my logo to my reports?
How do I add a task to an open project?
How do I delete a project?
How do I delete a user from my account? And will I be able to keep their work records?
Why can’t I find the client/and or project I am looking for?
My fiscal year runs April 1 to March 31 - how should I set up my company's internal projects?
Why doesn’t the client and projects I just added appear on my Timesheet page?
How do I create a new Project Status?
How do I adjust rates for a specific job?
How do I change rates to reflect individual personnel rates?
Why can I not delete a Task from a Project?
Can I run more than one timer, or track time on two different projects or tasks at the same time?
Can I copy rates and estimated hours from one project to another?
Can FunctionFox alert me when a job estimate reaches a certain percentage of completion?
What is the difference between Daily Notes and Personal Notes?
Can I transfer data from my current timesheet system into FunctionFox?
Can I track my retainers?

Reports & Billing

How do I see what tasks or services a team member has worked on in a given time-frame?
What's the easiest way to see project details without creating a report?
How do I update my billing information?
If I decide that FunctionFox is no longer working for me, can I keep the data I've already entered? If so, how?
Can I create invoices or client quotes with FunctionFox?
How does FunctionFox charge me for contractors or part-time users?
Can I track and bill time for different employees at different billable rates?
How do I bill for freelancers?

FunctionFox Premier

How do I see a Gantt chart?
How can I see what my team is working on?
How can I see the workloads of individual members of my team?
Can I change the Priorities of Actions from low, normal or high?
Can I modify the Action Status options available?


What happens if your company goes under?
Do you have an open API?
Does FunctionFox integrate with accounting software?
Do you have a client portal?

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