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Flink (File Exchange)

Flink is our file sharing and exchange tool that allows you to upload and share documents specific to Projects (or costs) within FunctionFox. Once uploaded, files can be accessed by other users, shared via email with clients, or others who don’t have access to FunctionFox.

Uploading Files:

You can add files to your projects by:

  1. Go to Projects > Flink.
  2. Select the Client and Project
  3. Clink the Choose Files button to select files from your computer (you can upload multiple files).
  4. Choose if you would like to post the uploaded files to the Blog (Premier & In-House only).
  5. Enter a Subject
  6. Enter in any notes regarding the file(s).
  7. Click Save New.
    FunctionFox product image uploading files.

    Note: The total size of files uploaded at one time cannot exceed 1GB.

Files can also be uploaded from other places within FunctionFox

  • The Projects > Manage page.
  • The Project Info Modal.
  • Project > Project Costs (for attaching files like receipts and invoices to costs).
  • Traffic > Blog (Premier & In-House subscriptions only).
  • Project Request Forms (In-House subscriptions only).

Previewing Files

You can preview image files (JPG. PNG, and GIF only) without having to download them by hovering over the Download Link.
FunctionFox product image file preview on hover


FOX TIP: You can preview image files from various locations within FunctionFox including the Project Blog, Project Costs, and the Project Info Modal.

Downloading Files:

  1. Choose a Client and Project to display all files that have been uploaded for the project.
  2. To download the file, click on the Download Link.

Emailing Files

  1. To email the file to someone outside of FunctionFox, click on the Email Download icon link. Using your default email program, this will generate an email with a link to download the file.
  2. If you would like to email the file to someone outside of FunctionFox and allow them the ability to upload a file back, click the Email Reply icon mail. This will generate an email with a link to download the file as well as fields to upload a file back without requiring a login.
    FunctionFox product image client upload page

Editing Files

  1. Files can be edited by clicking on the edit pencil create.
  2. Make your desired changes (including uploading a new file).
  3. Click Save Edit.

Deleting Files

  1. Click on the delete icon delete beside the file.
  2. Confirm your desire to delete the file.

Flink Preferences

To access Flink Preferences, click on the Tips/Links tab on the Flink page.

Here you can choose to:

  • Activate a setting that Alerts the owner of a file (the user who uploaded the file) when someone outside of FunctionFox uploads a file using the Email Reply link.
  • Activate a setting that automatically adds file uploads via the Email Reply Link into the Blog.
  • Monitor your Flink Usage

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