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Project Schedules

Building out Project Schedules is a breeze with FunctionFox’s project scheduling feature. Add Milestones, Actions, and Project Meetings to account for everything that needs to happen between the start and due dates of your Project.

Adding Schedule Items:

To add items to your Project Schedule:

  1. Go to Traffic > Project Schedule.
  2. Select the Client and Project
    FunctionFox product image selecting Client and project
  3. Click on the Add Items button to access the add items modal.
    FunctionFox product image accessing add items modal
  4. Select the item you wish to add by clicking on the Actions, Milestones, or Meetings tab at the top Add Event modal.
  5. Fill out the form details for the item and click Save New.

Adding Action Items:

  1. Click Add Items.
  2. Select the Add Action tab in the modal.
  3. Select a Task
  4. Enter an Action title for the work to be done (e.g. Design first proof).
  5. Select who you are assigning the action to.
  6. Select the Start & Due Dates.
  7. Add any other optional details (Priority, Status, Action Estimate, Note, or insert a file link into the Note section).
  8. Click Save New.

Note: you can learn more about assigning actions by checking out our series Day to Day: Actions.

Check Availability: To access the availability modal click on the link located on the right side of the page. This modal provides a snap shot of your resource capacity based off of action estimates and scheduled project meetings for each team member.
FunctionFox product image check availability modal

Adding Milestone items:

Milestones mark significant points throughout the course of a project, such as interim due dates, completion of a phase, sign off dates, etc. Milestones can be used to create a complete work back schedule on a project.

  1. Click Add Items.
  2. Select the Add Milestone tab.
  3. Enter the Milestone (e.g. First Proof due)
  4. Enter in the Date for the milestone.
  5. Enter in a milestone Note.
  6. Click on Show Files to insert file links into the note Section.
  7. Click Save New.

Adding in Project Meetings:

Use the project meeting scheduler to add in meetings that pertain to a specific project.

To create project meetings:

  1. Click Add Items.
  2. Select the Add Meeting tab.
  3. Enter in the Start and End time for the meeting.
  4. Choose if the meeting will be an All Day Event or if it Recurs.
  5. Enter in the meeting Subject
  6. Add in details for the meeting in the Note section.
  7. Click on Show Files to insert file links into the note Section.
  8. Select Team Members to invite to the meeting.
  9. Choose to show the meeting as Busy or Free.
  10. click Save New.

Meeting Scheduler: to avoid overlapping project meetings, you can use the meeting scheduler to see your teams. To access click on add_circle_outline invitees.
FunctionFox product image meeting scheduler

Once expanded you can see which team members already have scheduled meetings and can drag and adjust the proposed meeting time bar to accommodate.

Access Project Details

To access the details for the project by either clicking on the project info link beside the project selection menu, or by clicking on the edit pencil create beside the start or due date of the project within the schedule table. You can make in-line edits as required, and the changes are saved automatically.

Shifting Project Timelines:

In the event that a project timeline needs to be brought forward or extended, the Shift Items feature allows you to shift all Actions, Milestones, and Meetings dates by selecting the number of days to move items by (to shift a schedule forward - enter in a negative number).

  1. Click on Shift Schedule link.
  2. Enter in How Many Days to shift item by.
  3. Select which items to shift.
  4. Click Shift

Schedule Timeline:

The Project Timeline provides a visual representation of your project schedule.
FunctionFox product image schedule timeline for project

  • Zoom and Scroll: use the zoom function by moving your mouse over the zoom area, and using your mouse wheel to zoom in/out. As you zoom out you can scroll horizontally to view various sections of your timeline.
    FunctionFox product image resizing zoom of project timeline
  • Event Types: the timeline contains indicators to show the various event types
    • Actions: arrow_drop_down
    • Milestones: arrow_drop_up
    • Meetings: arrow_drop_up
  • Editing Items to edit an event on a timeline, hover your mouse over the event. A modal will appear displaying a list of the items near your cursor location. Click on the edit pencil create next to the event you wish to edit. Make your required changes in the modal and Save Edit.
  • Show/Hide Timeline: you can toggle the timeline by clicking on the word "Timeline".

Filter Events

Use the filters at the top of the page to filter out Actions, Milestones and Meetings on the project timeline and the project schedule table.
FunctionFox product image filter schedule items in table view.

Editing and Deleting Items:

Editing: you can make edits to any event by clicking on the edit pencil create within the schedule table. Once you click on the edit icon, a modal will open with the event details. Make your required changes and click Save Edit. FunctionFox product image accessing item edit modals

As mentioned above you can also edit an item by hovering over the event in the timeline and clicking on the edit pencil.

Deleting: you can delete any item by clicking on the delete icon delete within the schedule table.

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