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In-App Notifications

Our Notification tool allows you and your team to receive real-time notifications and alerts within FunctionFox. Enabled for all users on the account, your notifications can be accessed by clicking on the notifications | notifications_active in the upper right-hand corner to open the notifications modal.

Setting Notification/Alert Options

Your notification options can be set up on the My Preferences page by navigating to settings in the upper right-hand corner and scrolling down to the Alerts section.

Selecting Notifications/Alerts:

Each user on the account will be able to select their own notification preferences based off their assigned access levels, with the option to receive notifications in the App as well as through email*.

Notification Groupings:

  • Select All Alerts
  • General Alerts
  • Project Alerts
  • Project Manager Alerts
  • Actions Alerts

*Note: In-app notifications sent within FunctionFox are instant, while email alerts are delayed to send out eveny few minutes. Email Alerts can only be enabled when the corresponding in-app notification has been activated. Email notifications will only be sent for alerts that have not already been viewed within the notifications modal.

Notification Modal

Once you have subscribed to in-app notifications and an alert has been triggered, the notification icon will update to notifications_active. If you don't currently have FunctionFox as your active browser tab, you will also notice on the tab that the FunctionFox icon will update from to ). By clicking on the alert icon the notification modal will open and will return back to notifications to indicate you have no new alerts.

example and numbered outline of the alerts modal

Elements of the Notification Modal:

  1. Notification Modal: All relevant alerts that you have subscribed to that have been received in the last 7 days
  2. Summary View: Summary listing of the notifications received. Here you can see what type of notification has been received and the basic details including the age and the time/date of the alert. Clicking on an alert expands the item to show further details
  3. Detailed View: Here you will see the details pertaining to that specific alert, meeting alerts will also include a download link so that you can export it to your external personal calendars.
  4. link: Related page link(s) pertaining to the alert type. When only one link is available, clicking the icon will take you to that linked page.

    archive | unarchive: Archive | De-archive alerts as required (within 7 days) to keep your important/un-actioned alerts visible. You can toggle the visibility of archived alerts by clicking on show(hide) archived.

  5. Group(Un-Group) Threads: You can choose to group multiple related alerts into one summery view item. When items are grouped you will see the number of grouped items after the alert icon on the left of the modal (click on it to see the listing of all alerts.
  6. Comments**: Alert types that also have available comment discussions project, client, actions, meetings, and milestones) will also be available to view and quickly add your own comment. You can show|hide the comments panel by clicking on speaker_notes | speaker_notes_off on the panel. You can also choose to make the comment section larger|smaller by clicking on the dividing line and dragging it to the size required.
  7. **Comments is an add-on feature available with our premier and in-house platforms only.

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