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The Rise of Multimedia Content
By Joe Witte, of ISEBOX

Not news: Marketers have moved beyond the written word and blog post in our campaigns. Text was once sufficient to reach your target audience by appealing to their needs and interests, but they’ve become more sophisticated in filtering marketing messages. Today’s internet users are drawn to a variety of content formats that they access through multiple channels. Video, infographics, images and – yes, even blogs – each have their particular advantages, but they’re more powerful when combined into a multi-faceted experience. No single content format will engage all of your prospects and drive traffic, which is why we need to leverage multimedia content in our marketing strategies.

Need proof that multimedia is on the rise in content marketing? Have a look at the numbers.

Still not convinced? Just look at how Dove has embraced multiple visual formats to accomplish what each cannot do alone.

Dove Takes on “Real Beauty”

You might expect to see stick-thin, air brushed models slathering on lotion, but this isn’t your average beauty product campaign. Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches videos open with an introduction of a forensics artist who works for the FBI. He tells the audience his task of the day: To sketch a woman as she describes herself, and then draw the same woman as described by another person.

A comparison of the side-by-side sketched images is shocking. The self-described drawings aren’t hideous, but they’re certainly not flattering – and definitely not accurate. The faces are drawn, gloomy and look years older than actual age. When asked to describe their most prominent facial feature, women went to the extreme in talking about their high foreheads, big noses and wide chins.

The drawings completed by the sketch artist based upon another person’s description capture the beauty of the women subjects. Their faces are animated, the sparkle in their eyes is more pronounced and their hair has more bounce.

Multimedia Delivers “Real Beauty’s” Real Storytelling Power

The two main elements of this multimedia content marketing campaign – the video of the sketch artist at work and the final sketched images – are breathtaking in their command of storytelling.

Put Multimedia to Work

Dove really hit the nail on the head with “Real Beauty Sketches,” but you don’t need a huge marketing budget to capture the same results. Just borrow a few ideas from this campaign:

Dove really hit it out of the park with the “Real Beauty Sketches.” The multimedia format combining video and the sketched images has earned 617 comments and 56 recommendations on the page alone; on YouTube, the video has been viewed more than 66 million times, with almost 157,000 likes. Even more encouraging, the multimedia campaign was instrumental in driving subscription for the Dove YouTube page. You may not see these kinds of numbers right away, but multimedia is a proven winner in helping you get there.

This article has been written by Joe Witte, VP Business Developemnt at ISEBOX a dispuptive multimedia content management platform.

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