Creating Strong Relationships

Culture Shock

Are you getting the most out of your team? Does everyone enjoy coming to work? The only way to find out is to ask, but you may be shocked at what you hear.

The culture you create gives your organization its identity. It determines how your company looks, acts, and feels. If your corporate culture is positive, the results can be amazing.

A positive workspace hums: people are happy, cooperation reigns, creativity flows and brilliance happens.

Is this the kind of work experience you have or is it the kind you crave?

To create this type of environment, St. John & Partners, a successful advertising company based in Jacksonville Florida outlines five key elements of a positive work environment: culture, creativity, community, commitment and collaboration.

Culture is the foundation of your company. It includes the corporate events you hold, the language that you use and the traditions that you have. Essentially, it encompasses all that you say and do as a company. An example of a custom at Suburbia Advertising is birthday celebrations. Each member of the Suburbia team is honoured on their birthday, when the whole team gets together to enjoy a homemade cake baked and decorated just for them.

Creativity is another key component for a successful corporate culture. Peleg Top from Top Design Studios, uses many imaginative strategies to create a relaxing atmosphere. He has provided yoga lessons for his team and shared his love and knowledge of cooking through in-studio cooking lessons. Peleg also believes the design of a studio plays an integral role in creating a positive culture. The warm and inviting atmosphere of Top Design's studio not only helps his clients relax, but also feels like a second home to his staff. Peleg has successfully created a sense of community, and a workplace that clients love to visit - they like it so much they often stop by just for a chat.

Commitment and collaboration are also imperative to a great workplace experience. The members of Suburbia Advertising collaborate as a team to create personalized value statements for each other. Everyone provides a brief description of what they appreciate about one team member. These statements are then read aloud to that person at a corporate celebration. This type of commitment to recognizing each other is vitally important in creating a sense of belonging and a truly enjoyable place to work.

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