Growing Your Company

Trends Impacting Employment
by The Creative Group

While some economic indicators are showing signs of improvement, companies continue to be cautious about hiring, choosing to wait until they see more sustained demand for their products and services. Organizations that made deep personnel cuts in recent years, however, now require support to help keep customer service levels high and alleviate pressures on current employees.

Even so, companies remain cost-conscious when hiring and expect greater value from each person they employ. The following industry trends are impacting the employment environment for creative, marketing, web and communications professionals:

Maximizing social media

Social media is taking off as organizations continue to build communities online. In addition to engaging clients and customers via social networking platforms, firms are placing more emphasis on measuring the success of their efforts. Often, they are creating full-time roles for people who can manage and coordinate all aspects of their social media programs, including tracking and quantifying the results of social media initiatives.

Moving to mobile

With the advent of Apple's iPad and iPhone, and other new smartphone models and wireless mobile devices, companies are scrambling to push out mobile applications and advertising. Mobile strategists who can help define, build and oversee all aspects of mobile development and campaigns are highly sought.

Seeking diverse skill sets

Although many companies are gradually getting the green light to hire, they are still looking to maximize their budget dollars. In many cases, and particularly when hiring for full-time roles, they seek candidates with a range of skills and experience who can offer expertise outside of their specialty. For instance, since nearly all creative and communications jobs now involve an online aspect, most firms prefer candidates who possess some level of experience working with interactive media and can integrate print, online, broadcast and social media elements into a cohesive campaign.

Using freelancers to fill gaps

Agencies and in-house creative departments are turning to project professionals to help access specialized skills and manage increased workloads. If managers determine a need is ongoing, they often extend full-time offers to freelancers who have proved successful in their roles.

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