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Goodbye paper timesheets, hello profits.


BlaineTurner has been in the advertising business for 30 years. Originally a boutique design firm, the company has grown in size, expertise, and experience to become a full-service marketing agency with 11 full-time employees and 1 part-timer. The company specializes in marketing solutions for the health care industry, as well as for heavy industry, energy, tourism, higher education and technology.

As BlaineTurner’s workload grew and new personnel came on board, the limitations of the company’s paper timesheet system became more and more obvious. “We found ourselves having countless meetings – not to talk about creative approaches to client challenges, or to develop strategic direction – but simply to figure out whether everyone had recorded their time properly, and to keep projects from going sideways,” says Ginna Royce, President and Creative Director at BlaineTurner Advertising. “We weren’t putting our energy where it needed to be, so we were frustrated, and our office manager was simply swamped by paper. We knew we had to find a better way.”

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BlaineTurner’s office manager began to explore options. She remembered having spoken with FunctionFox account manager Praveen several months previously and got in touch with her to set up a hands’ on trial. “That’s all it took,” says Royce, “After that, she was sold – and so were we.”

Implementation of any new business system can present challenges, but Royce found that FunctionFox was intuitive and user-friendly right from the start. “It quickly became second nature to our staff and management, and Praveen continued to work with our office manager, providing support at a moment’s notice, and helping find ways to customize things to meet our unique needs. FunctionFox support was, and is, fabulous.”

BlaineTurner soon began to experience the profit-generating benefits of their new, paperless system. FunctionFox helped them turn billing around much more quickly, eliminating the time they used to waste going through hundreds of paper timesheets to add up time and costs associated with each job. “Now we capture every billable hour and every penny of billable expenses immediately and painlessly,” says Royce, “Our bottom line is healthier, cash flow is smoother, and our clients are happier, because we anticipate and avoid potential cost overruns for them, so there’s never a nasty surprise when someone opens our invoice.”

Royce has come to rely on FunctionFox’s flexible, customizable reports to boost both productivity and profitability. “Now I feel I have a much better handle on employee time management, and am better able to keep projects on track and meet client deadlines,” she says, “Knowing where each project stands at all times keeps us efficient. Thanks to FunctionFox, we’re focusing on our business instead of chasing paper – and that’s a giant step forward for any company.”

For BlaineTurner, saying goodbye to paper timesheets has not only reduced wasted time, but has also increased efficiency, productivity, and profitability, allowing them to take another step forward in growing their business.

Find out more about BlaineTurner Advertising by calling 304.599.5900, or visit their web site at

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