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Read our success stories to find out why real creative teams - from single-person shops to organizations with over 60 consultants - have chosen FunctionFox, and how they've used it to become more productive and more profitable.

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Success Stories from FunctionFox Users

Paper Investigator Inc. Logo

Paper Investigator Inc:

Excellent product: 5/5!
Works well, does what we need.

It super simple to bring FunctionFox on board. "It was a wonderful experience, and what a great product! It is simple, it works well, and has never failed to do what we need"

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Frankilin College Logo

Franklin College:

Functionfox Is Perfect For In-house Marketing Teams.

FunctionFox has given us a way to cope with the incoming stream of new work, and to better access project knowledge, as well as helping us strategize marketing and evolve our brand.

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IMI Agency Logo

IMI Agency:

We live in FunctionFox every working day

Staying on top of projects is super easy, because everything is updated immediately as the project progresses through its lifespan. Our team communicates through the FunctionFox project blog on project-related matters, even though we’re within a few feet of each other.

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Memorial Health System Logo

Memorial Health System:


For us, the best thing about FunctionFox is how it has transformed our previously chaotic process into an organized one, streamlined requests, and made it quick and easy to retrieve data.

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The Rupert Group Logo

The Rupert Group:


FunctionFox has helped our business tremendously. It is easy to use, intuitive, and offers tremendous business insights. Try it: you'll like it!

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Paper Laundry Logo

Paper Laundry:

Two Creatives Face Their Greatest Fear With Help From FunctionFox

Our greatest fear was that we might not be able to keep everything organized. Then, one day, FunctionFox popped into our lives. Clichè though it may sound, it changed everything.

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Flight Centre Logo

Flight Centre’s In-house Team:

Functionfox Makes A Positive Difference For Flight Centre

FunctionFox has worked extremely well for Flight Centre’s Creative Group. "Our design team uses it effortlessly," said Sidhu, "And projects no longer slip through the cracks during handover. Highly Recommend".

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Tivoli Partners Logo

Tivoli Partners & Company:

Can’t Imagine Life Without FunctionFox

Tivoli Partners is a Charlotte NC advertising agency that focuses on loyalty marketing for leisure brands. They realized that they needed to get a better handle on which clients and project were most profitable - and found FunctionFox.

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Atomic Crayon Logo

Atomic Crayon:

Increasing Productivity, and Profits - Painlessly.

Atomic Crayon is a web design and consulting company that specializes in developing and re-structuring web sites for businesses.

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Blaine Turner Logo

Blaine Turner:

Goodbye paper timesheets, hello profits.

BlaineTurner Advertising leaves paper behind to take a giant step forward.

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Drake Resource Group Logo

Drake Resource Group:

FunctionFox Keeps a Virtual Company Together

Drake Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) is an education design service company with over 60 consultants in the Chicago and Midwest area. Clients include several Fortune 500 companies.

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Forge Media + Design Logo

Forge Media + Design:

FunctionFox helps a growing design firm stay on track

Forge Media + Design is a multidisciplinary design firm focused on Experiential Branding and Design.

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Hollinden Logo


Goodbye painful number crunching

A professional services marketing firm located in Houston, Texas, Hollinden deals with numerous clients in a variety of professional services firms.

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PR 20/20 Logo

PR 20/20:

How FunctionFox Helped PR 20/20 Dodge a Time-tracking Rabbit-hole.

PR 20/20 is an outsourced marketing team for small and midsize businesses, and an inbound marketing specialist for large enterprises.

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Photonics Graphics Logo

Photonics Graphics:

A Very Powerful Tool - Up and Running on Day One

Photonics Graphics is a marketing design firm. Their staff of eleven helps businesses with marketing communications and strategic thinking, graphic design and web site development.

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Stauber Design Studio Logo

Stauber Design Studio:

We Stopped developing our own Time-tracking System, When we Found FunctionFox!

Stauber Design Studio is a communications company in Chicago that works side-by-side with its clients to craft printed communications including branding programs, identities, collateral, annual reports, promotions, and user interfaces.

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