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Keeping track of every little minute

Pail Design relies on FunctionFox to track small amounts of time for multiple clients

Pail Design is a friendly, down-to-earth branding and marketing company in Portland Oregon. They develop integrated brand identities that separate their clients from the pack and share their clients' stories with the world through print and online channels.

Pail Design

They say time is money - and that expression never rings truer than when you're a creative business owner, as I am. While my company typically quotes a flat price for large projects like websites or branding packages, We also spend much of our time making smaller updates to the websites and applications we've created for clients in the past.

On any given day I might work for 6, 7, or more different clients. Some tasks might take several hours, but many take as little as 10 minutes. It's so easy to forget those quick emails, minor tweaks and small changes when the day is a busy one - but over the course of a month, they add up, and if you're not counting them, you may be losing a significant source of revenue.

The challenge of keeping track of those small amounts of time is one that has plagued small creative companies like mine, for years. There are a lot of time tracking applications and websites out there that claim to offer a solution, and I've used a variety of them over the years.

But I never found anything that suited my specific needs, until I found FunctionFox. FunctionFox is an online time-tracking application that is purposely under-designed and under-featured to handle the one thing I need it to do - record my time on various projects for numerous clients. It's super easy to use, so I can track even the smallest amount of time, and it's powerful, so I can generate a broad variety of reports. It gives me the information I need to invoice each of my clients, to see how we are doing on a particular project based on our initial estimates, and to be up to date how much time we've put in on every job.

Plus (you're going to love this) about a year ago, FunctionFox CEO Mary-Lynn Bellamy-Willms got in touch with my colleague Jessica and I. She said she was going to be in our city of Portland, and wanted to take us and a few other long-time customers out to breakfast at the luxurious Heathman Hotel.

Now I've spent a lot of money on a lot of services over the years - and never received so much as a thank you - let alone a complimentary breakfast and some great conversation. Internet service providers: take a tip from this Canadian company if you want to retain your customers.

That simple breakfast not only made me a FunctionFox customer for life - but also turned me into a part-time sales rep. Now I recommend FunctionFox even more often than I did before.

In my business, it's true that time really is money, and FunctionFox helps me keep track of every little minute.

"Take a tip from this Canadian company if you want to retain your customers." – Jessica Bernert

For more information about Pail Design, please visit,
or call Jessica Bernert or Greg Spies at 503.546.2799.

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